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2015 Email Census

2 years ago by Jenna Binding

The secrets behind the Publishing industry’s email marketing success

Inspired by a recent case study from Penguin which showed the value of truly personalised, one-to-one email communications, we decided to have a look at what makes this industry so successful in terms of email marketing performance. The recently published 2015 Email Industry Census – Key Sector Report gave some insight into that, highlighting Publishing…

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2 years ago by Anca Staples

New report reveals email marketing success for six key sectors

Not only has email marketing not died yet, it’s having a resurgence. As companies across industries use it as the central hub for achieving digital marketing success, we had a closer look at the strategies, technological aspects and results of some of the key sectors. Based on a survey of over 1,000 marketers coming from…

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2 years ago by Steve Denner

7 automation articles you should read to inspire your marketing strategy

Marketing automation has been on everyone’s radar for a while, but as adoption increases marketers are still fearful of taking the plunge into more complex programs. To help you, we’ve curated a list of interesting articles to help inspire your marketing strategy. Email marketing automation: are you aware of the benefits? We’re all aware that…

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3 years ago by Jennifer Watkiss

Email marketing automation in 2015: where do marketers stand?

Whether you’re new to email marketing automation, or you’re still struggling to make it work, rest assured that you’re not the only one. According to the 2015 Email Industry Census, 24% of companies are uncertain where to focus their marketing automation efforts. A good starting point is simply to look at what your peers are…

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3 years ago by Adestra

Marketers agree Email Marketing Automation is the future, yet 4 in 10 automation programmes fail – time to get focused

Although marketing automation has been around for some time, its adoption is best described as slow and steady – according to the latest Email Marketing Industry Census 2015 from Econsultancy/Adestra. While showing improvement since last year, 39% of companies still rate their email marketing automation campaigns as ‘not successful’ and just 7% view them as…

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3 years ago by Adestra

Email Marketing delivers top ROI, but team structure plays a part

The top marketing channels that achieve the best Return on Investment are Email Marketing and SEO – 25% of marketers say both rank as ‘excellent’ – according to the latest Email Marketing Industry Census 2015 from Econsultancy/Adestra. In its ninth year, the research of over 1,000 in-house and agency marketers found that not only does…

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