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A sales success story with Weird Fish

  • 4 years ago
Weird Fish logo

March 2014 | Precise targeting and audience focused design resulted in fantastic open-rates, CTR and conversion.

Brand: Weird Fish
Agency: toinfinity
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Designed and developed by: Kirsty Trainer

Campaign details

Subject line: NEW T shirts have arrived! Get your Rock on for our latest designs + Free Standard UK Delivery
Open: 42%
Click: 48% of opened


What data was used?

Existing customers from the company’s database.

Who was the campaign targeted at?

Weird Fish started as a T-shirt company, and know that some of their customers are avid T-shirt collectors always in the search for their next acquisition. So when they wanted to promote their new music-inspired collection, they targeted this engaged segment.


  1. To increase sales of new T-shirt designs by targeting a small segment of interested consumers

What makes this a performing campaign?

Weird Fish and toinfinity wanted to test their theory of showcasing their best music T-shirts to this small, targeted audience and see if it would bring in higher sales.

They first narrowed down their data through certain attributes:

  1. Existing customers
  2. Purchased products from the T-shirt category
  3. Purchased in the last 24 monthsl

Then, toinfinity designed the email campaign to showcase the best ‘70s rock inspired prints, with a simple call-to-action underneath each. Weird Fish and toinfinity believed that their new, music inspired T-shirts would be of special interest to their collectors.

The results

After the emails were sent, it was time for Weird Fish and toinfinity to see the results. Adestra’s Heatmap Report revealed that their suggested designs did indeed attract the most clicks in the email.

They achieved a fantastic 42% open rate and a 48% click-to-open rate. This campaign brought Weird Fish more sales than their normal approach. This ultimately showed the power of customer insight, and the effect of targeting on customer engagement and sales.

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Want to know more?


toinfinity, an Adestra agency partner, have extensive experience in helping brands grow and increase sales with highly targeted messages.

For more information on how we can help you create performing campaigns contact us today.

Full email campaign

Weird Fish Email 

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  • Michael

    I’d love to know whether or not this template was responsive? If so, would you happen to have a screenshot of it?

    • adestramarketing

      HI Michael, no, this particular template was not responsive. When viewed on mobile, you would see a shrunk version of the desktop version included in the post.