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In the fast-changing world of digital marketing, keeping on top of latest changes and ideas is a must. Adestra offer regular webinars to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry news, updates and tricks to take your marketing to the next level.

Webinar Archive

Currently available archived webinars:

Email Marketing Census 2014 – The Results

Adestra’s Jen Watkiss and Steve Denner, and Econsultancy’s Linus Gregoriadis pick out some highlights from the 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census.

7 Super Exciting Predictions for Boring Old Email Marketing in 2014

Parry Malm gives his big 7 predictions for email marketing in 2014, covering trends for marketers, technologists and ESPs.

Welcome Programs

In this webinar, Parry Malm explains what an email Welcome Program is, why they matter, and the best time to send them.

So you think email’s dead? Think again.

In this webinar, Parry Malm and LiveIntent’s Dave Hendricks discuss the death of email, and why it’s still very much alive. They also explain how to use custom audiences in your marketing programme.

From client to ESP – the view from the inside

In this webinar, Dan Bond talks about his experiences working on email marketing client-side, and his key learnings from moving to Adestra, providing marketing technology and services.

Better mobile emails today. No coding required.

In this webinar, Jennifer Watkiss discusses the rise of mobile in email marketing, and offers 5 tips on how to make your emails more mobile friendly now.

2013 Subject Line Analysis Report

In this webinar, Parry Malm discusses the findings from the 2013 Subject Line Analysis Report, and based on the report offers some key advice for your email marketing programme.

Debunking Big Data – Four tips for more effective email using your ‘little data’

In this webinar, Parry Malm takes a look at the topic of ‘Big Data’, and offers four tips for effectively using the data you already have.

Email marketers ‘end of year exam results’ – findings of the 2013 Email Census

In this webinar, Steve Denner, Reena Mistry, and Econsultancy’s Linus Gregoriadis discuss the findings of the 2013 Email Census, a collaboration between Adestra and Econsultancy.

Improve email relevance with location targeting

In this webinar, Matt Gray will answer some frequently asked questions about ‘geotracking’, explain how location data supports other areas of your marketing, and gives some examples of ‘thinking out of the box’ when it comes to location targeting.

Subject lines – The long and the short of making them work

In this webinar, Parry Malm and Dela Quist of Alchemy Worx discuss the value of subject lines in email marketing campaigns, and give real insights on how to maximise their effectiveness.

Back to basics – email design tactics to captivate your recipients

In this webinar, Leigha Beynsberger talks through some examples of HTML email redesigns carried out by some of Adestra’s clients, and shares some tips on what worked really well for them.

What APIs mean to marketers – save time, money and improve customer experience

In this webinar, Andrew Abram explains what APIs are, how you might encounter APIs day-to-day, and how the Adestra API powers the marketing of our clients.

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