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In the fast-changing world of digital marketing, keeping on top of latest changes and ideas is a must. Adestra offer regular webinars to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry news, updates and tricks to take your marketing to the next level.

Webinar Archive

Currently available archived webinars:

10 simple steps to make charity supporters feel loved

In an era of digital distraction, charities must show their supporters some love to keep them engaged with their cause. Email can be a great channel for this, but good old batch-and-blast no longer rises to the challenge.

2017 Email Marketing Industry Census – The Results

Adestra and Econsultancy present the eleventh edition of the Email Industry Census. Based on a survey of over 1,200 company and supply-side marketers from across sectors, this annual report has become a definitive study into the email industry’s evolution.

What is the value of design in email marketing?

We know beautifully designed things are more appealing, but what is the process for designing an email template that succeeds in this way? Join Adestra’s Design Lead Paul Dyke who will be sharing his approach for creating successful email templates using design theory.

How automation can lead the way to First-Person Marketing

There are so many ways in which automation can help you drive better email marketing performance. But when it comes to focusing your efforts, First-Person Marketing should be your guiding light. By always keeping your customers front of mind when you design automated journeys, it won’t be long before you start reaping the rewards.

7 email marketing trends & predictions for 2017

We joined forces across the pond to bring you some trends and predictions that we think will shape 2017, including ‘Understanding Your Big Data’, ‘Personalization & Segmentation’, ‘Taking Automation to the Next Level’, ‘Interactive Emails’ and more!

New Year, New You! How to make your email marketing successful in 2017

Join us to hear some tips and tricks to help B2B marketers make the most out of their email marketing in 2017. Discover how to use content to your advantage, what to automate and what to send ad-hoc, tips from to steal from B2C, how to obtain more from your database – re-targeting, segmentation, first-person marketing and much more!

What are today’s marketers achieving with personalisation? – The Results

Join us for an exciting discussion of the results of the report ‘The State of Digital Personalisation in 2016’ and find out the effect of personalisation on email KPIs, how channels across the marketing mix are used for personalisation, the impact of GDPR on personalisation and much more!

Real Data Insight To Turn This Holiday Season Into the Best One Yet

This year we’re letting the data do the talking, sharing in-depth insight from last year’s email marketing performance. Anna Wilson and Jefferson Davis will analyse, discuss the data and share advice and examples to help you make this retail holiday season a stunning success.

What can NOT making a profit teach us? –  Lessons for us all from the non-profit industry

Join Ryan Phelan, VP of Marketing Insights and Tristam Jones, Head of Account Management, in this energetic and worldwide discussion on the learnings from the non-profit space.

Sector by sector, how does your email marketing stack up?

Which is the best sector for email marketing? Which gets the highest ROI, how successful are different sectors with mobile and automation, and what are they focusing on in the near future? Watch this session full of insight for the answers.

10 email ideas retailers can use to boost results and drive revenue

We’re sharing 10 ideas to help retailers add value and impress their customers. From the simplest to more complicated but highly rewarding tactics, applying them can ultimately help you boost the bottom line.

2016 Email Marketing Industry Census – The Results

Adestra and Econsultancy present the tenth anniversary edition of the Email Marketing Industry Census. We’re sharing industry insight covering topics like mobile, automation, personalization, data and the future of the channel.

Designing unbreakable emails for the inbox of the future

When it comes to designing for the inbox of the future, the designers will have the know-how, but the marketers will do the day-to-day heavy lifting. We’ve put two of our own experts from the two camps to discuss their challenges and solutions. Also, don’t miss a preview of our new Email Editor!

Spring clean your data practices to freshen up your results

Our deliverability expert Anton and Key Account Manager Antony are here to help you keep on top of data collection and management best practices and to give you an update on what is expected from the pending EU Regulations.

The insider’s guide to MarketingSherpa Summit 2016

Coming to MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 in Las Vegas for the first time or maybe you’re a pro, it’s important to have the tools and strategy to maximize your time at the industry’s first conference of the year. Join 4 industry leaders that have attended for years give you the insider tips and tricks!

7 Email Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2016

We’re here to sift through the many predictions being made and highlight what will actually help you achieve your marketing goals, delight your subscribers and ultimately increase revenue.

4 Simple Rules for Designing Better Emails

Join our Head of Digital Design, Rob Pellow, as he shares some simple rules to use that will open the door to experimentation, innovation and beautiful emails. Using examples from many sectors, he showed you what’s possible, what you should avoid and answered a myriad of questions from the audience.

All I want for Christmas is…Great ROI from email marketing this holiday season

In this webinar Liz Smith and Al Keck will help you make the best of the season and achieve fantastic results with lessons from last year, tips, tricks and examples.

Email Marketing for Publishing and Media Marketers

In this webinar Jenna Lovell and Anca Nicolaescu specifically address the needs of publishing and media marketers, covering tips, tricks, strategies and plenty of examples.

2015 Subject Line Report Webinar: Improve your subject lines like never before

In this webinar Katie Evans and Anca Nicolaescu discuss the findings of the 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report, and share real insight to help you formulate the best performing subject lines. The report is based on more than 3 billion emails, and highlighting over 300 keywords across four industries: retail & B2C, conference & events, media & publishing, and B2B.

Changes in EU Data Protection Regulations and the Impact on your Email Marketing

In this webinar, Antony Humphreys discusses the current EU Data Protection regulations, the predicted changes and when these are expected to occur. He also shared advice on how you can best prepare for them from an email marketing perspective, to make sure you don’t breach the legislation.

Relevance with a Purpose: Making Your Data Work For You (and Not The Other Way Around)

In this webinar, email marketing veterans Skip O’Neill and Manny Ju discuss the importance of relevant content within emails, and how purchasing power can be increased by using a simple payment system, minimizing effort for the consumer.

Driving email automation ROI with triggered emails

In this webinar, we explore ways to make your data work harder, without causing any strain on your resources. We share examples of successful lifecycle, and triggered programs. You’ll learn how to take the first steps in making your email marketing automation dreams a reality.

2015 Email Marketing Industry Census – The Results

Adestra’s Jen Watkiss and Econsultancy’s Linus Gregoriadis present the findings of the 2015 Email Marketing Industry Census, in a discussion of areas like mobile, automation, best practice and budgets.

Email and Content Marketing – Delivering Results

Grant Johnson, VP of Strategy at ClickMail and Brian Steacy, Regional Director at Adestra, look at using these two key marketing tactics and explain how they can form the basis of a successful marketing program.

Social Media and Email – Maximizing your Impact

In this webinar we explore how you can use email marketing and social media together to reach your audience, and enhance the impact of your message. By making your data work harder, you can improve targeting and maximize your chances of success.

Taking Mobile Email to the Next Level in 2015

In 2014 the rise of mobile usage grew to the point that almost half of emails are now opened on a mobile device. In this webinar Katie Evans, one of Adestra’s email marketing experts, will share some more mobile stats from last year, and discuss the implications.

Successful Holiday Email Marketing

In this webinar we’ll give you some actionable advice to use in your campaigns right now, as well as help with your planning for next year. Not only for Christmas, but other public holidays as well. There may well also be some terrible Christmas-related puns. You have been warned.

Taking your First Steps with Marketing Automation

Let’s narrow the gap between ambition and execution. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to take the first steps in making your marketing technology dreams a reality.

Email Marketing for Event Marketers

This informative session, designed to specifically address the needs of event marketers, will give you:

  • Practical tips to shape your email strategy
  • Insight into the subject line keywords that drive open rates
  • The secret power of Geo Tracking
  • Optimisation and design for all devices
  • Using the broader marketing mix to boost your email campaign’s effectiveness

Geek Speak: How to Talk to IT for Better Email Marketing

In this webinar, Jen Watkiss will de-mystify the IT jargon and share some of her top tips. She’ll give advice on how your marketing team can have a more productive relationship with IT. The results will give you more insight into improving your email deliverability.

When Email Marketing Meets Design Theory

Paul Dyke is an experienced email designer who works in Adestra’s Professional Services team. In this webinar he talks about the design process, shows some great email design examples, and discusses the latest and future trends.

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