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We’ve created these marketing infographics to help you get the main insights from our full reports. These insights will help you with your email marketing strategy, as well as giving you practical tips to use everyday.

10 reasons why 2017 is the year of First-Person Marketing

The 11th edition of the Email Marketing Industry Census takes the pulse of the complex digital marketing landscape and what role email plays in this context. The results of the 2017 report show that marketers have a lot of work to do, but the most successful are on the path to First-Person Marketing. This customer-centric approach to email marketing brings together four fundamentals: personalization, automation, integration and optimization.

2017 Email Census Infographic short

A checklist to get your email marketing off to a flying start this year

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of what’s important, so every year you should take a step back and think about the bigger picture. This checklist helps you get your plans in order to make the new year the most successful one yet.

Checklist Infographic-short

What are today’s marketers doing with personalisation?

When opportunities to personalise exist, customers expect to see the information they provide in the communications they receive. But are marketers doing enough with personalisation? Are they seeing any benefits? And is GDPR going to affect their ability to use personalisation?


What do consumers say about your email?

What happens to your email campaigns after you hit “send”? Who’s reading? What devices are they using? Do your consumers even read your messages at all? We found out in our 2016 Consumer Report.


2015 Subject Line Report

Your subject line is the key to get in front of your customers. That’s why subject lines deserve your full attention, and our brand new report is your guide to improving them like never before.


Marketer vs. Machine

As the shift towards digital continues, marketers are quickly having to embrace new technology, and learn to integrate new tools and channels into their strategy.

Marketer vs Machine infographic

A Day in the Life of the Connected CMO: Apps you Need

When you’ve got a busy day ahead, most of it is inevitably out of the office. So stay connected with this selection of marketing apps.

A Day in the Life of the Connected CMO: Apps you Need infographics

Plugging the Leaks in Your Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns for a Stronger Email Sales Pipeline

Email continues to be a lead generating powerhouse. A well planned lifecycle marketing campaign is like a pipeline which takes intrigued readers and carries them along until they’re eager to buy.

Plugging the Leaks in Your Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns for a Stronger Email Sales Pipeline infographic

Is Your Email Marketing Premier League?

The 2014  Adestra / Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census surveyed over 1,100 digital marketers, and sussed out which attributes are critical for creating an email marketing ‘dream team’.

Based on our 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census

Is your email marketing Premier League?

2014 Social Media Dictionary

The web changes fast. So fast that many of us find it hard to keep up, especially when it comes to social media. This social media dictionary quickly and clearly gives you a heads-up on the trends you should be taking advantage of to boost revenue this year.

2014 social media dictionary infographic preview

Don’t Look Like a Spammer

We all get spam, and by now we all know how to recognise it. You probably don’t give what goes straight into your junk mail a second thought, but what about when your own email campaigns start heading in that direction.

Don't look like a spammer infographic preview

4 Steps to Writing a Killer Subject Line

How much time do you spend developing your subject line strategy?

If you’re like 9 / 10 marketers, then the answer is “not enough!”

Based on our 2013 Subject Line Analysis Report

2 steps to writing a killer subject line

Top 6 Apps for CMOs

If you’re a Modern Marketing Leader, you’re missing out if you don’t keep up with the latest tech. The right apps can make your life so much easier and more efficient. Here are the top six we recommend you check out…

Top 6 apps for CMOs infographic preview

Email Marketing Report Card

Email marketing is a favorite marketing channel when it comes to ROI, but when we asked over 1,300 email marketers how they would rate their email marketing, the vast majority admitted their performance was only average or poor!

Based on our 2013 Email Marketing Industry Census

Email Marketing Report Card