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We know marketers are busy people. And we all know the value of market research when it comes to developing strategy. We take the hard work out of collating industry data with periodic industry reports. Our research and reports cover the latest trends and developments in the industry and will provide you with the insight you need to formulate your marketing plans.

2017 State of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation refers to software applications designed to streamline repetitive marketing tasks. The technology has become ubiquitous across most industries. But what marketing automation strategies are achieving success for best-in-class companies? To find out, Adestra in partnership with Ascend2, fielded the State of Marketing Automation survey.

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State of Marketing Automation Report

Email Strategies for Success

Marketers need to choose email programs based on the overall strategy of what they want to accomplish. It can be a huge challenge, but our new study will show you what’s working for your fellow marketers and what’s not – information that we hope you can use to focus your thinking and organize your planning.

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First-Person Marketing Means Moving Beyond First Names

Tailored experiences which match customers’ preferences are no longer nice-to-have – they should be business as usual. Marketers understand that the more they can personalize communications and content, the better – but creating that personal touch at scale isn’t easy. But what does it take to become a First-Person Marketer?

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2017 Consumer Digital Usage & Behavior Study

Email continues its rule as the preferred channel from Teens to Baby Boomers! How well do you really know your consumers? Sure, we know how they behave on our digital channels thanks to rich analytics, but when they’re not shopping with you do we really understand how they consume information?

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2017 Consumer Digital Usage and Behavior Study email

2017 Email Marketing Industry Census

This is the 11th annual Email Marketing Industry Census, published by Econsultancy in partnership with Adestra. The report presents the findings of an online survey in which 1,200 marketers took part. As well as an analysis of survey data and a comparison with results from previous years, the paper also contains a wealth of insights from leading email marketing experts.

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2017 Email Census

Marketing Technology – One Size Does Not Fit All 

As customer expectations evolve, marketers need to deal with burgeoning amounts of data. At the same time, those marketers need to create more content to satisfy customer demand and distribute that content across an ever-increasing number of channels. All the while, reducing manual processes and delivering a personalised experience.

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Marketing Technology - One Size Does Not Fit All Image

Supercharge Your Email

Email works best when it is personal, targeted and timely. Can you honestly say that your email strategy ticks all three boxes? There is no doubt that email can be both incredibly cheap and effective (automation makes this doubly true), but unless used with restraint, it can prove to be a double-edged sword.

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The State of Digital Marketing in 2016

Faced with an increasingly complex and constantly shifting digital marketing landscape, many companies are struggling for success. But what about those that are successful? What are they doing to enable them to stand out from the crowd?

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state-of-digital-marketing 2016

The State of Digital Personalisation in 2016

As today’s marketers are under increasing pressure to capture the attention of an ever more demanding audience, we wanted to focus the study specifically on the use and effects of personalisation in email and across the marketing mix.

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2016 Australia Consumer Digital Adoption & Usage Study

In a first of it’s kind, Adestra asked over 1,200 teens, millennials and baby-boomers throughout Australia about their digital use of email, mobile and social media on all their devices.  The results were astounding, but what held true compared to the U.S, is that teens and millennials love email!

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2016 Email Marketing Industry Census – Key Sector Report

Back by popular demand, this third edition of the Key Sector Report is packed with fantastic insight from six sectors: Publishing & Media, Retail, Charities, Government & Non-profits, Financial Services & Insurance, Travel & Hospitality and Technology & Telecoms.

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2016 Email List Strategies for Success

Email is the dominant marketing channel for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers. But successful marketing via email depends on having an email list full of good quality addresses.

This report represents the opinions of marketers who are successful in overcoming barriers to achieve email list strategy goals.

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2016 Email Marketing Industry Census

We’re very excited to bring you the tenth annual Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census and a special anniversary edition.

Based on a survey of over 1,100 in-house and agency marketers and with ten years of data to process, the census provides a unique opportunity to assess how email marketing has changed and where it may be going. One key point is that it has been, and remains, the channel that constantly delivers fantastic return on investment, coming out at 9 percentage points above SEO in 2016.

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2016 Consumer Adoption & Usage Study

What happens to your email campaigns as soon as you hit “send?” Do you know who’s reading them? What devices are they using? Do they even read your messages at all?  We asked 1,200 of them, from teens to Baby Boomers, living all over the United States and received some shocking results.

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Consumer Adoption Adoption and Usage Study


Email: the Centre of the Multichannel Maze?

The dream of building a single database of all customer interactions and experiences across every channel and touchpoint is still seen by many as the future of email marketing and the key to customer loyalty and retention. But the reality is that while many brands and businesses are working hard to build a single, joined-up view of their customers, few are truly achieving it.

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2015 Email Marketing Industry Census – Key Sector Report

How do you compare against the results in your industry? What about the other sectors? This year we’ve covered: Retail; Publishing & Media; Travel & Leisure; Charities, Government & Not for Profit; Financial Services and Technology & Telecoms.

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2015 Subject Line Analysis Report

Following on from our wildly popular report in 2013, in this year’s edition we’ve taken things to the next level. We’ve looked at more than 3 billion emails, and picked over 300 keywords across four industries.

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2015 Email Marketing Industry Census

Econsultancy logoIn association with Econsultancy.

The ninth annual Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census is based on the largest UK survey of email marketers.

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2015 Email Census

Marketer vs. Machine

We surveyed 200 senior–level marketers from different sized companies, across a range of industries to ask: how does technology impact the decisions marketers make?

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Marketer vs Machine

2014 Email Marketing Industry Census – Key Sector Report

This report looks specifically into the findings of four sectors, so you can use the data in a way that is applicable to your business.

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2014 Email Marketing Census - Key Sector Report

2014 Email Marketing Industry Census

Econsultancy logoIn association with Econsultancy.

The eight annual Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census is based on the largest UK survey of email marketers.

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2014 Email Marketing Census Report

2013 Subject Line Analysis Report

In this report, you will discover the trends of subject lines from over 2.2 billion emails. These trends cover the keywords and phrases that recipients respond to better than most, and also, which ones are over-used and ineffective for your sector.

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2013 Subject Line Report

2013 Publishing Sector Subject Line Report

The best subject line for your sector? Download your exclusive copy of our 2013 publishing sector report to find out. A subject line is one of the main things under an email marketer’s control to influence customer behaviour. Having an ineffective, confusing or overly-clever subject line delivers a poor user experience for the online journey.

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2013 Publishing Subject Line Report

2013 Email Marketing Industry Census

Econsultancy logoIn association with Econsultancy.

Now in its 7th year, the email census has recorded the changes in email marketing from load and blast to more relevant, targeted and intelligent communications, the arrival of social media and mobile email.

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2013 Email Marketing Census

2012 B2B Subject Line Analysis Report

There are numerous keys to success in B2B email marketing campaigns. Focusing on lead nurturing, conversion optimisation and customer journey is paramount but the building blocks can’t be missed. For all of the gains made in process and automation, poorly selected subject lines will prevent you from even getting a foot in the door. In our new landmark study of over 1bn emails, we’ve looked at character length and 9 different words categories to determine exactly what works and more importantly what doesn’t for B2B subject lines.

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2012 B2B Subject Line Report

2012 UK Publishing Email Benchmarking Survey

In association with the PPA.

PPA logoThis survey shows UK publishers can improve email marketing response rates and ROI by concentrating their efforts on automation, social media and mobile.

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2012 UK Publishing Email Benchmark Report