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The reign of mobile and what it means for marketers

Mobile technology has facilitated access to information at any time, making commutes easier and generally just helping consumers take advantage of every spare second.

While that implies marketers now have more chances of reaching their ideal target audience, it means they have to change the way their approach. This should be driven by┬átheir consumers’ behavior in this new channel.

Email marketers’ greatest worry shouldn’t be about what time of the day to send an email, or mobile-optimized templates, it should be all-device optimization. As this graph from a comScore study shows, consumers browse on different devices at different times of the day. And while they happily open emails, browse offers and look around ecommerce sites on their mobile devices, a lot of them still prefer to revert to their desktop to fill in their payment details and purchase.

So what should marketers do to appeal to their ideal audience?

Read more of Steve Denner’s advice in the full article on Figaro Digital.


comScore’s study shows the share of device traffic during work days

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