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Regaining relevance…

I keep bleating on about making your emails relevant; I can’t help myself! I signed up to your newsletter to be kept up to date with the latest fashion news and here you are sending me emails about cheese. Now don’t get me wrong, I love cheese, but it’s not what I signed up for.

This is of course a pretty unrealistic example, but you get the gist. I am often asked by marketers how they can increase their open and click through rates and the answer is always the same; make your email relevant! But how do we do this?


  • Personalisation: People have taken the time to sign up to your newsletter, so why not give them what they want? Making content relevant with a little personalisation is the way forward. Personalising your emails in MessageFocus couldn’t be easier using the Personalisation button. It’s always worth considering the value that this will add to your email; is it relevant to address me by my first name or would it be more relevant to address me with some previous purchase information? “Hi Leigha, you last bought X, what about buying Y?”
  • Conditional content: Is another fantastic way of ensuring your email is engaged with from the outset. How about displaying content that is based entirely upon my previous interaction and interests shown? All you need to do is speak to your Account Manager about how to optimise your email with conditional content to ensure that your recipients are looking at information that’s highly relevant to them. If the content is relevant to them (who doesn’t like talking about themselves?!) then they’re far more likely to engage with your brand, giving you increased open and click through rates.

Subject Line

  • With Adestra’s recent research on Subject lines, there’s no excuse for creating generic subject lines that add nothing to the content of your email. So what do we know? Well, we know that this is not a part of your campaign that should be left to the last minute! We also know that including benefits as opposed to just features is a sure fire way of attracting the attention of your customers. Outlining the benefits of what the recipient is about to read is a great way to draw people in to engaging.  If the subject line messaging is relevant, why wouldn’t you open the email?
  • Realising how your contacts respond to different sorts of subject lines is key, so why not use MessageFocus A/B testing functionality (that allows you to test up to 11 different subject lines at a time) to see what’s relevant?


  • Making your email relevant to your data is another challenge when considering your email campaign development. So how can we use our data to our advantage? Using the information we have available within our data is a great way of engaging further with our contacts. If you know that I always open my email at 2pm on a Thursday, why not take me off your Wednesday list? This is obviously a simple example, but there’s a whole host of functionality in MessageFocus that can help you drill down into your data, in turn making you far more powerful in identifying trends and therefore more able to make your email relevant. Speak to your Account Manager about our Heatmap and timeline reporting features. We’ve got a great case study on how Centaur Media used registered visitor’s interests (i.e. if they said they were interested in bathrooms they would automatically get information on bathroom exhibitors) to drive them to attend the National Home Improvement Show – there were 196,608 variations of the email.

So what can we draw from the above? Well, relevance is everything; remember who you’re talking to and think about what would make you open the emails you send. Most of all, test, test and test again!

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