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How to improve the text version of your email in minutes

One element of email marketing that is so often overlooked is a text version of an email. The MessageFocus platform allows you to upload a text version of your email quickly by copying it from your HTML template. This is something that is essential in ensuring that all recipients can easily read your email if they are unable to open the HTML version on their email client – Blackberry is a prime example of this.

However, there are some quick edits to the auto-generated version you can make, improving your text version and maximising your email marketing results.

Text version of an emailQuick tips:

  • Make your headline stand out:this is easy on an HTML version, with most people opting for banners. But don’t overlook this on a text version just because images are not available. To make your headline stand out use asterisks:***HEADLINE***
  • Make sure you remove any extra links that are often dragged in from the HTML version. For example, this often happens with email addresses.
  • Make links clear and easy to click:add a description of the link just before it, then use a colon,  a space, then the link. For example: Click here to view our website:
  • Keep one link per line for ease of clicking. With no images to download, links are crucial in tracking opens for you campaign.
  • Divide your email into clearly defined sections: section the headline and links at the top from the main body of the email, and the main body of the email from your company information and unsubscribe links at the bottom. This can be done by adding ——– between these sections.
  • Ensure all content is absolutely relevant when the email is in a purely text format and remove anything that is unnecessary.
  • Ensure to include the unsubscribe and add to safe senders links.
  • Align text so that it looks neat.
  • Remember to preview this!

Give these quick tips a try and ensure that your text version of your email is not forgotten!