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Email campaign structure and control designed for you

Email campaign structure designed around your organization

Increase efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership, and simplify your reporting by ensuring your email marketing campaigns are coming from one marketing system of record. Clearly segment your data into sub-accounts by brand, client, department, product, campaign type, and more, and keep it secure under one centrally-managed master account.

“MessageFocus was the only email marketing system we found which allowed us to easily merge all our email activities into one system, which would then serve all our different users without having to set up multiple accounts.”


Secure Control of User Accounts


Improve your email campaign quality and consistency, and save valuable time, with the custom user-access controls in MessageFocus. Easily assign levels of access to clients or colleagues with our simple-to-use options. Increase end-user productivity by setting preferences and permissions, so they only need to create content and make adjustments in the areas that pertain to their campaigns.

Lock down access to data, downloads, and sensitive information to only account administrators or other key users.

Pre-send checks

Are your emails looking as good in your recipients’ inboxes as your original design intended? Effortlessly test your email campaigns with MessageFocus.

Testing how your email displays in different email clients shouldn’t be a chore. With MessageFocus, there are various options for checking the content of your email campaigns. Our pre-send checks and email content previews give you assurance your campaigns will display correctly, no matter which email client is being used to open them.

  • Test your email content in a multitude of email clients
  • Build these essential checks into your campaign process
  • Give your emails the best chance of getting delivered
  • Ensure your emails look their very best when they reach your recipients’ inbox

How can I test what the email looks like?

You can test how your email will display in all established email clients, regardless of whether they are locally installed, web-based or mobile with our testing suite. The results are available within your campaign in MessageFocus within a few seconds.

What about other tests?

Before you send an email campaign, MessageFocus takes you through a series of checks. First you can check all your links in the email are working. Second, check your spam score and get some tips if it needs reducing. And lastly send a test email to as many inboxes as you require ensuring your email displays perfectly every time.