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Email A/B Split Testing

Optimising your email marketing activity is key to driving great results.

Testing is a big part of this optimisation process. It allows you to determine what works best for your different audiences.

MessageFocus split testing gives you an intuitive way of testing your email campaigns, all via an easy-to-use A/B interface. Tests can be as simple as a different subject line or more complex multivariate testing of the email content itself. You can add as many variants as you want, it’s as easy as clicking a button.

Email split testing in MessageFocus offers a flexible solution for choosing your test data. You’ll have the option of either launching your email campaign to a sample of your mailing list, followed by the most successful campaign variant to the remainder. Or you can test your campaign across your entire list for future reference.

Split Testing

Using the email a/b split testing feature, you’ll also enjoy a simple, yet powerful workflow. Along with creating variants quickly and easily, you’ll also be able to:

  • Watch how your customers respond to each of your campaign variants, in real-time via a dashboard reporting interface.
  • Automatically send the highest-performing campaign to the rest of your data.
  • Enjoy complete transparency over your different variants’ options and content.

Performance Optimisation

You’ll have complete control over what you test in your email campaigns. You might choose to personalise the subject line in one variant and in the other alter the layout of your email content or call to actions. The choice is yours.

Split testing in action

Using the email a/b split testing feature in MessageFocus couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve created your email campaign, it’s as easy as clicking a button to create more variants. And all your campaign variants are located on one screen. That means less time switching screens and more time perfecting your split test content.

Simple split testing

How does the reporting work?

Split test reports utilise the same detailed, dashboard style report like any other email campaign in MessageFocus. You’ll clearly see the performance metrics for your split test campaign and be able to make an informed decision as to which variant performed the best.