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Simple social sharing

Extend the reach of your campaigns, and easily introduce social marketing, with the easy-to-use social sharing links in MessageFocus. Encourage your customers to publish entire email campaigns, or sections of email content, onto the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn with our easy-to-use widget within our email editors.

Adestra worked with Celtic Manor to increase brand advocacy and data acquisition using the MessageFocus Social Sharing feature

“Using MessageFocus technology, we have been able to grow our database by encouraging our existing subscribers to share our content and drive awareness. This simple, yet highly effective method is integral to our new sharing for data acquisition strategy and something we are looking to expand upon with Adestra over the coming months.” Marketing Manager, James Lewis

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Measure your reach and gain insight into your most popular content with our Social Sharing report. Identify your most shareable content and top evangelists, so you can deliver more of what they love.

Social Marketing Share Report

Social marketing for data acquisition

Using social marketing for data acquisition is easy with MessageFocus social sharing features. Any content that’s shared can dynamically include a sign-up form, providing another way to acquire data.

4 weeks ago by Anca Staples

Miss it, miss out: Our top nine email marketing posts of the year

As we close the book on 2016, it’s time to see what made the headlines and what email marketers were most interested in from the amazing range of content we shared this year. Email design was unsurprisingly among the most popular topics on our blog, followed by a broad discussion around change – in the…

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3 months ago by Matt McGowan

Why Salesforce was never going to buy Twitter after its Krux deal

Salesforce chief executive (CEO) Marc Benioff put the rumor mill to rest last week by telling the Financial Times that he wasn’t going to acquire Twitter because it’s “not the right fit.” We knew that. Salesforce shareholders had reportedly besieged Benioff with complaints about such a deal, along with threats to unload their stock. Salesforce’s customers do…

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6 months ago by Matt McGowan

Innovation in marketing automation: What’s next?

Remember when the holy grail of marketing was delivering the right message at the right time in the right place? At Adestra, we think that concept (and cliché) is outdated, not to mention a little cringeworthy. It’s too simplistic for the current marketing landscape. First, the idea of a “right time” to deliver an ad…

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9 months ago by Peter Rylands

What if email were to die? (part one)

You can probably find a blog every month on how email isn’t dead and is, instead, thriving. What if it were to die though? What do marketers have at their disposal to fill the void? The real question is, can they fill the void? Social Media Social media is the playground in which companies can…

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