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Seamless data and analytics integration

Leverage all the data you have about your subscribers across your systems. Manage contact data and send transactional or triggered emails, all with seamless integration.

Quickly and easily activate one of our out-of-the-box integrations, including Salesforce, Apteco Faststats, Wyvern, Magento, Adobe Marketing, Google Analytics, and others, or create real-time custom data-flows via the robust MessageFocus API.


MessageFocus and Salesforce Integration

Now it’s even easier to send targeted emails and report the ROI accurately with the MessageFocus and Salesforce integration.

Our two-way integration allows you to make data selections within your Salesforce account, and transfer to MessageFocus with the click of a button. Plus you can automatically write email results, back into Salesforce at a Campaign and at individual Lead or Contact level.


Looking for something bespoke? The flexible and robust MessageFocus API, provides a rich set of functionality, allowing you to integrate data from disparate systems.

The MessageFocus Import Manager allows whole database or individual lists to be updated regularly and automatically. So you can relax knowing your lists are up-to-date and boast high data quality. Data cleansing has never been so easy.

With the MessageFocus Export Manager, you can synchronise your contacts’ email event history with your database. You’ll get a full view of a contact’s history – wherever and whenever you need it.

Web analytics integration

Track your email marketing performance beyond clicks and visits with MessageFocus Web Analytics Integration.

Simple and easy to use, it can integrate with a number of web analytics systems including Google, Coremetrics, and Adobe.

You can set the integration at the level that works for you. This will ensure your approach and tracking stay consistent. Plus you can use MessageFocus to merge information into your email links, allowing you to pre-fill fields on:

  1. forms
  2. automatic logins
  3. actions on your website