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Mobile email marketing made easy

Optimize your marketing for your subscribers on the go, with mobile email marketing enablement from Adestra.

More and more of your customers are reading your emails on mobile devices and tablets. Maximize this opportunity and send mobile optimized email, leveraging Adestra’s expertise in the latest responsive email design techniques. From creating mobile optimized email templates to forms and landing pages, Adestra can help you to create a multi-platform journey for your customers that truly delivers results.

We helped Principality develop mobile optimised HTML to improve their mobile data capture results

“We were really pleased with the result of our mobile marketing campaign – we got around 2,500 customers who submitted our form. Over 50% of the customers who opened the email went through to open the form and a further 25% of them went on to submit the form. The Adestra team were really helpful in creating the form for us and making amends and all in all we were really happy with the way the campaign went.”
Anne Harding, Marketing Co-ordinator

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Find your mobile email marketing opportunities

See exactly which devices and email clients rate highest for your customers with the Email Client Detection report, so you can ensure your campaigns are optimized for exactly the right screen sizes.

This powerful report shows you which desktop devices, tablets, email clients and browsers your customers are using to read your emails. This gives you actionable insight to deliver messages optimized for how your customers prefer to read your emails.

Email Client Report including mobile marketing stats

Make sure your emails are mobile optimized

Ensure you’re sending beautiful responsive design emails every time, by testing your emails in Content Preview before you send. See how your email appears in dozens of mobile, web-based, and desktop email clients, without stocking an in-house electronics department.

Achieve rendering perfection, every time.

Content Preview Mobile

Plus, engage and delight your mobile readers with easy-to-read mobile versions, available instantly for all your campaigns.

SMS Marketing

Be everywhere your customers are, by including SMS marketing capabilities with your campaigns. Collect mobile phone numbers in your registration and purchase forms, and send reminder and confirmation text messages. Or set up SMS shortcodes so your subscribers can easily submit registrations and enquiries, make donations, and more, from anywhere.

We offer SMS marketing services through our partner, Dynmark.

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3 months ago by Ryan Phelan

Mobile design: What to consider before you ‘redesign for mobile’

You probably hear a lot about ‘mobile design’: designing your email messages so your subscribers can read and act on them easily on their smartphones and tablets. This is important, given that more than 50% of business and consumer email gets read on mobile devices, and mobile click and conversion rates are closing in on…

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7 months ago by Melanie White

As communications evolve, email stands out

Email is so not dying. In a world where we have multiple identities, many communication channels and a plethora of passwords, the email address is becoming one constant in this shifting sea. Marketers are beginning to reap the benefits of First-Person Marketing, which sees the email address as a way to identify the consumer beyond…

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7 months ago by Anca Staples

Chart of the week: Growth in mobile email opens slows down

The media has proclaimed every year for the past five or so as the ‘year of mobile’ so perhaps we would be better off calling it the ‘decade of mobile’ or ‘era of mobile’. With steady growth in many areas including email opens, it seems like mobile growth is starting to slow down. Our email…

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