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Flexible and in-depth email marketing reporting

Empower your teams to create email marketing strategies and campaigns based on actionable insights, with the range of MessageFocus reporting features.

Demonstrate return on email marketing investment, and share key results with stakeholders throughout your organisation. Our powerful, user-friendly data visualizations and interactive campaign reporting are useful for the CMO and line-of-business owners, all the way through to individual end-users.


Just like your MessageFocus account setup, reporting works around your business structure.

Not only will you quickly and easily track your opens, clicks, unsubscribes and shares. You can also click the numbers to drill down to individual contacts, and then add the contacts to lists based on their responses.

Summary email campaign reports reports can be run at all levels of your account, and give you insight into all areas of your campaigns. In addition to send, open, and click reports, gain the data you need to build successful email campaigns with:

  • Email client detection – optimise for the email programmes and devices your subscribers are using
  • Heatmap report – visualise which areas on your message are getting the highest engagement
  • Timeline Report – view the life of your campaign over time, to see how your individual message activity peaks and troughs
  • Social Sharing Report – gain insight into the social reach of your content beyond the inbox

Geo Tracking

Geo Tracking reporting shows you where in the world your emails are being opened. This gives you a better understanding of your audience, to help you target your campaigns more effectively.

Got an event coming up in Bristol, Barcelona or Berlin? Grab the engaged subscribers from the nearby area and send them a personalised invite. Easy.

Why use Geo Tracking?

  • Find out where in the world your emails are being opened.
  • Personalise your emails according to a geographic location.
  • Build location targeted data segments in seconds.

How does it work?

Geo Tracking gives you a report of where recipients have opened on a visual heatmap. It includes a colour scale depending on the quantity of email opens in any given area. The highest opening rate is represented in red and the lowest in purple.

Need to target data segments by location? You can. Simply select groups of contacts from the map by location area using the polygon tool. Select as many points as you need to on the map to define the perimeter of the polygon and then add these contacts to a list with the click of a button.

Geo Tracking also provides you with an overview of the contacts and the option to browse these contacts by city and country.