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Conversion Capture

Don’t let high email abandonment rates turn you into a basket case. Conversion Capture can help you win back valuable lost business, quickly, easily and effectively.

Is it easy to set up?

Just add a bit of code to your website’s basket pages and let MessageFocus populate your capture. You’ll have all you need to send, track and measure your reminder emails.

I need to give my customers a nudge…

Conversion Capture encourages your online shoppers to finish buying. Whenever they abandon their baskets, they’ll get an automated and personalised reminder email.

What about multi brand captures?

You can configure as many captures as you like. Just set them up according to the type of store you run, you can set different currencies for example, or vary how often your reminder emails go out. We’ll help you discover what works best for your online stores.

How can I optimize my captures?

Email A/B split-testing makes it easy to test your abandoned basket campaign on an on-going basis, optimizing your emails for conversion every time.

Conversion Capture

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Can I send more than one email?

You can send them a series of emails, each one optimized for conversion. Easily set up multi-step abandoned basket campaigns, however simple or complex.

Can you give me the whole picture?

Thankfully, our reporting isn’t all numbers. You’ll get an all-round graphical view of your Conversion Capture results.

You’ll see:

  • The value and number of open baskets and abandoners on your website
  • The value generated from customers who converted via your email campaigns
  • How many conversions your store achieved from customers who weren’t sent an abandoned basket email

What about help and support?

One of our expert Project Managers will guide you through your set-up. They’ll ensure your Conversion Capture is configured to give you the best possible results. Your support won’t end there, you’ll get easy-to-follow training guides too. Making the most of Conversion Capture really couldn’t be simpler.