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Approval System

Managing a large portfolio of email campaigns can be a challenge. You need peace of mind that your team will launch campaigns that fit your brand, are error free and are optimised for best results.

Thankfully with the MessageFocus Approval System, you need never make a mistake again.

Quality Control

The MessageFocus Approval System provides the ultimate quality control for your email marketing campaigns. It allows clients to control and record the sign-off process, and can be used both internally and with third parties who do not have access to your MessageFocus account.

It works by sending an approval copy of the email to email addresses you choose. This email can then be approved or rejected by the approval recipient, and they can easily add feedback. You can also choose how many approvals are required before sending, so the process won’t be slowed down by people’s availability.

What’s more, responses from approval requests are fully visible within your MessageFocus account. That means you get a full audit trail of your campaign’s responses.

Approval System