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Being able to integrate your existing CRM, CMS or other systems so that they work together can save a huge amount of time.

Previously time-consuming and manual tasks can be automated, allowing you to spend more time thinking about optimising your marketing strategy and improving your results.

The MessageFocus API can help you automate a variety of different tasks depending on your requirements.

Data Management

Our data management function manages your data processes for you. You can automate the transfer of data from your external system to MessageFocus and also send batched post-send email data back again to keep your external system up-to-date.

Campaign Management

Campaign management with the MessageFocus API makes focussing your efforts in one place simple. It lets you create and send email campaigns from external systems as well as use data from that system too.



Our transactional functions allow you to trigger an individual email send to a single contact based on an action. Emails are sent real-time, and can be highly personalised, this can be used for confirmation emails for example.

Helping you with your integration project

At Adestra, we know that email integration and automation projects can range from the simple to the complex. If you have any projects you would like to discuss with us, our team of integration experts and experienced technical Project Managers are available to help you to scope and plan your integration and automation requirements.