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Plugging the leaks in your lifecycle marketing campaigns for a stronger email sales pipeline

Keep readers in your lifecycle marketing pipeline and convert more into customers by spotting and repairing emails that cause unsubscribes.


Email continues to be a lead generating powerhouse. A well planned lifecycle marketing campaign is like a pipeline which takes intrigued readers and carries them along until they’re eager to buy. But also like a pipeline, campaigns can have leaks. Strengthen your email program to plug leaks and avoid unsubscribes and lost sales.

How to spot leaks in your lifecycle marketing pipeline

Login to your email service provider’s dashboard, check your campaign analytics and look for unsubscribe rates above your norm. These are the leaks which need to be sealed.

Why your emails are leaking subscribers

  • Frequency — Too many emails cause recipients to reach overload and too few leave them under-engaged.
  • Irrelevancy — They don’t offer enough useful information or relevant products.
  • Salesy — Email is about relationship building first — selling needs to be done with relevance and permission.
  • Lengthy — People read emails in spare moments. They don’t have time for ‘War and Peace’.

Why people unsubscribe:

69% are emailed too frequently.

56% of content they receive is irrelevant.

(Chadwick Martin Bailey)

Email feeds a thirst for knowledge:

Failing to optimize for mobile might also be costing you subscribers:

According to Unbounce, 64% of B2B decision makers now check emails on their mobile. But only a quarter of companies are optimizing for mobile. If your messages aren’t optimized, people aren’t going to stay subscribed for long.

Engagement rates to aim for:

Improving subject lines is a quick fix for a low open rate. But if your deliverability is also low and people aren’t clicking through, your content needs improving as well.

  • The average deliverability rate is 84%.
  • 24% is the average open rate across industries.
  • The average click-through rate stands at 13%.

(B2B Email Benchmarking Report in association with Circle Research)

Nine steps to reduce unsubscribes

1.         Capture user preferences on topics, products and frequency.

2.         Segment your database so you can improve the relevancy of your messages.

3.         Use automation to send relevant product offers.

4.         Write simple and engaging subject lines to increase open rates. Tell subscribers what’s inside the email, don’t sell them.

5.         Vary your messages between how-tos, insights and promotions.

6.         Be consistent — send emails at the same time every week or month.

7.         Check your emails can be read on mobile devices and in different email clients.

8.         Track the stats for clicks, social shares and unsubscribes to optimize your content — and be aware of data fatigue.

9.         Use the unsubscribe page and confirmation email to remind readers of the benefits of staying subscribed, or other ways to keep in touch (e.g. social networks).

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