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Non-Conformance Reports – do not fear, we’re here to help

Simply defined, Non-Conformances are direct complaints that we’ve received from a recipient of an email sent from MessageFocus.

Blocked email

Don’t worry though, they’re not as worrying as they first appear. Our Abuse and Account Management teams are on hand to help you deal with them.

Why are they important?

To maintain our sending reputation and high deliverability rates, we investigate all complaints that we receive. Whether this is because someone has had difficulty unsubscribing, or they’ve received an email they don’t think they gave permission to receive, we have standard practices and safeguards in place to ensure such complaints are handled efficiently and considerately. These include:

  • Adding the email address in question to a global suppression file – so they cannot receive any further emails sent from your MessageFocus account.
  • Notifying the complainant that they have been removed from your mailing list.
  • Understanding how the record was first added to the database.

To satisfy the complaint, we may be in touch to get some further information about how the data was collected and managed. It is nothing to worry about and purely so we can understand how the complaint originated. We’re looking to establish:

  • How the email address was collected – if the data was purchased from a 3rd party list broker, we ask for the name and website of the broker, along with the data collection and verification methods used.
  • When the email address was first added to your database.
  • The method used to opt-in the data.

Non-Conformance reports may appear more serious than intended. Sometimes they can escalate but more often than not, it’s just about ensuring clear and concise opt-in statements to validate why a contact has been sent a particular campaign. Try including the following in the header or footer of your campaigns:

‘’ is receiving this email because they have signed up to receive emails from Another Company.

Once the technicalities behind Non-Conformances reports have been clarified, it’s actually a way of improving your own sending reputation:

  • By keeping on top of your data, you can manage how many records are unengaged, out of date, or not being attempted. Try using reactivation campaigns to ensure your mailing lists contain clean and active records, willing to engage with your emails.
  • Being responsive and proactive with your data management can go a long way. Knowing when and why people have opted-in, you can use this to target individuals with more direct and relevant campaigns.
  • Repeatedly sending to invalid or expired email addresses can harm your deliverability as bad records can become spam traps, compromising your data.

Our Account Management and Abuse teams will be available to make sure any Non-Conformances you may receive are as painless as possible. Please contact us here if you have any queries or want to find out how to best manage your data within MessageFocus.

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