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Release: What’s new in MessageFocus 2.7

Today’s new release gives you everything you need to know about a contact, all in one place

Our clients have been asking for a central place where they can quickly load and find all of the information they need on an individual contact; from the date they subscribed, to what lists they belong to, to how they have interacted with your emails.

Introducing the Contact Profile

The Contact Profile gives you a central place where you can find all of the information you know about a contact, quickly and easily.

An example screenshot of the contact profile

The Contact Profile

Once you click on a contact from the data viewer you’ll find a host of new functionality, including:

  • A brand new contact create date and time is now recorded (see screenshot above). So you can see when the contact was first added to your data. Please note: this is for new contacts only.
  • A fast-loading events tab details all of the interactions your contact has had with your email communications; from opens and clicks, to bounces and unsubscribes, in seconds.
  • Editing contact data is even easier. The contact data tab will show you each data table the contact has data in with options to edit the contents of each one, giving you quick and easy access to make changes. It will also show any data in core tables and data tables, giving you a holistic view of the information you hold on that contact.
  • A new list history tab showing which lists contacts were added to and removed from; including the date, user and if possible the source of action allowing you to keep track of your data. So, you’ll be able to see when a contact moved to a different stage of your lead nurturing programme, lifecycle programme or just see what else they’ve expressed an interest in based on the lists they belong to (or don’t belong to).
Screenshot of the list history tab

The New List History Tab

  • A new contact-level, visual Geo Tracking heatmap showing where in the world the individual contact has opened campaigns; with options to limit the map to reads on desktop, webmail or mobile devices. Great for a bit of stalking research!
Screenshot of the Contact Profile Geo Tracking

Contact Profile Geo Tracking

Check out the Contact Profile section in the MessageFocus Help for more information on this powerful new update 

What else is new in MessageFocus 2.7?

  • HTML Editor buttons: You’ll now find you only have one HTML Editor button, which has a drop down menu for the ‘HTML Editor’, Old ‘HTML Editor’ and ‘Template Editor’. You can still access all of them, and we can also reduce these options on your account should you require. Just email our support team on
  • Improved functionality to change links, even after the email has launched: This has been a MessageFocus feature for a while, but now it’s even easier. No need to re-launch the campaign, MessageFocus handles the redirection, and your recipients are none-the-wiser! Just click on “edit link” when you’re in the “Links reporting” section of your campaign reports and change the link. Easy!

Change a link in an email, even after the email has been sent.

  • Saved filters can now be used when browsing contacts in the data viewer. This will save you time  as you no longer need to create a new filter each time.  Also, filters created while browsing contacts can be saved as a dedicated filter, making it even easier for you to segment and analyse your lists.

Load and save filters easily in the dataviewer

We’ll be giving you more information on today’s new release over the next few days.

If you have any questions about the changes to MessageFocus, please contact your Account Manager or email us on


  • Andrew Jones

    There’s still no way to edit a contact per campaign using the List Data table. This is what we need because every campaign has different field entries for each recipient. Currently the only way to edit List Data is to reimport over the top of the list – a right hassle! We don’t have this issue with any other ESP we use such as Campaign Monitor – we can easily edit an individuals fields using their online interface.

  • Carl Chambers

    Hi Andrew. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve raised a ticket for adding that functionality, and we’ll make sure it’s in the next release of MessageFocus for you.