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MessageFocus Administration Expert

MessageFocus Certified AdministratorThis extra module is for anyone responsible for running their companies email program. Understand how to setup your account for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

In order to complete this certification you’ll need to have:

  1. Completed the introductory session Getting Started with Adestra’s MessageFocus
  2. Completed the MessageFocus Expert certification
  3. Completed the below class
  4. Successfully passed the exam

If you have a large number of users you’d like to complete the certification, we can arrange face-to-face workshops. For more information email

Administrating your Account

Gain more control over your account and a better understanding on how MessageFocus works. The administrator session will take a deeper look into the back end of MessageFocus, and enable you to make changes to your account that normally require Support team assistance.


  • Know how to create various data tables and lists within MessageFocus
  • Understand how to introduce new data from external sources
  • Know when to use forms and preference centers in MessageFocus
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