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Lifecycle Programs – 5 steps to increasing relevance and engagement

Lifecycle programs are becoming the secret weapon in the email marketer’s bag of tricks. They allow you to take your subscribers on a journey and build a relationship, from the very first click through to a re-engagement campaign.

Below are 5 key stages in a lifecycle program to help keep your subscribers active and engaged:

  • Welcome series: it’s easy to make a great first impression with your subscribers. By sending an automated trigger email once a user has signed up to received your mailings, you can acknowledge they’ve subscribed and outline the type and frequency of messages you’ll send in the future.
  • Updating details: it makes sense to collect data when new subscribers are already engaged, so take advantage of the times they’re interacting with your company (e.g. by filling in forms or updating contact data) to collect a few more details. Using a preference centre  to collect information allows you to send more targeted and relevant emails. Also use this opportunity to find out what they don’t want to receive, reducing the risk of unsubscribes or complaints.
  • Dynamic content: with each purchase, event sign-up, or piece of demographic information, you have more data available to personalize the content of your emails. Using dynamic content can make each campaign more targeted to your recipients’ interests and behaviour. Including their name and location, or filtering by hobbies and events, personalized content is a great way to keep subscribers active and engaged
  • Automation: timing is everything in a lifecycle program. How about sending automated follow up emails to your subscribers based on previous actions or details? If you have information about your recipients’ birthdays, anniversaries or subscription date, you can automate a trigger email to offer incentives or reminders.  This can also work well for abandoned basket emails if a user hasn’t completed the sign up process or confirmed an order. By using our Conversion Capture technology, you can encourage users to complete their online purchases and increase your ROI.
  • Re-engagement campaigns: at some point your recipients may become less active. Re-activation campaigns are a great way to engage inactive subscribers and freshen up your data. Give them a chance to update their preferences so they can unsubscribe from less relevant mailings, or offer incentives to get them clicking again.

There can be many more stages in the lifecycle program, depending on the relationship you want to build with your recipients. Your Account Manager is available to give strategy and advice on how to make the most of a lifecycle program.

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