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What can NOT making a profit teach us! – Lessons for us all from the non-profit industry

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Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time: 11:00 AM EDT, 4:00 PM BST

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What if you’re in business to NOT make a profit? No, I am not talking about losing business or operating in the red, but what if you’re a non-profit organization?  How do you do more with less and still innovate to attract and retain donors? More communication, less communication, demographic focused or still working with direct mail, there’s a lot to think of …but going digital can really add value to your existing channels and help you discover and maximize new ones. Yet, the one connection non-profits have is authenticity and a story. For everyone else, are there things we can learn in the Retail, Travel and other industries from the non-profit space?  By taking a wider vertical focus you can always learn more, especially from organizations where ROI is under even more intensive scrutiny than usual.

Join Ryan Phelan, VP of Marketing Insights and Tristam Jones, Head of Account Management, in this energetic and worldwide discussion on the learnings from the non-profit space. You’ll walk away with:

  • Clear examples of engagement campaigns in email from some of the top non-profit organizations
  • Challenges facing the NFP sector and tips to overcome them
  • How to take advantage of the unpredictable donation
  • The top things the for-profit space can learn from non-profits
  • Maximization of foundational email programs can help any marketer

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