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Introducing Adestra’s new Form Builder for MessageFocus

Adestra’s new Form Builder enables marketers to create powerful forms quickly and easily as it’s fully integrated within Adestra’s MessageFocus enterprise email platform. The Form Builder makes it simple for marketers that want to grow their data, collect competition answers or manage subscription preferences. No more manually creating forms or outsourcing, plus users can store and use the new data straight away.

With the launch of the new Form Builder, now creating any type of form is quick and simple, such as contact forms, surveys, questionnaires and download forms. Users can choose from a bank of templates or design their own to ensure their branding guidelines are adhered to.

Because the Form Builder is integrated with users’ MessageFocus accounts, it means they can not only manage their data better – add and remove contacts from unsubscribe or mailing lists, and send auto responder emails at the click of a button – but can also gather performance reporting data and even embed the form into their website. In addition, users can specify that the form is pre-filed for existing contacts and a blank form for new contacts.

What can you do with the MessageFocus Form Builder?

  • Form creation: easily create contact forms, surveys, questionnaires and download forms.
  • Data management: add or remove contacts from lists automatically.
  • Reporting: when attached to an email campaign, our clear reporting will show your form’s performance.
  • Embed the form into your website: with a click of a button, you’ll have the unstyled code to add to your existing website.
  • Easy validation: Ensure you’re getting the right information from your data.
  • Anti-Spam: Smart CAPTCHA verification.
  • Easily send auto responder emails: Customise and link trigger emails to launch each time a form or an element of a form is submitted.

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