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The inbox is a battlefield: Return Path infographic

Adestra partner Return Path recently launched a new infographic, looking at the battle for attention in consumers inboxes. Here are some highlights:

  • On average subscribers receive 416 commercial messages a month – that’s what you’re up against. That’s what you need to cut-through.
  • More people read emails that deal with their finances and travel than any other categories. Unsurprisingly these are issues that really affect peoples lives. They don’t really pay much attention to the noise of daily deals and social notifications.
  • The brand comparisons are a bit superficial. But, if you’re in one of those sectors it may be worth subscribing to the top competitors to see what the winners are doing differently, to gain a leg-up with their recipients.
Here’s the full infographic:

The Inbox is a Battlefield infographic from Return Path

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