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Boo! How did your campaign do?

The jack-o’-lanterns are looking a little the worse for wear, the balloons are beginning to deflate, and we’re all so full of sugar that stringing a full sentence together is proving difficult.

Ah, Halloween. Whether you prefer your celebrations spooky or sweet, chances are your inbox was crammed full of spine-tingling special offers, pumpkin emojis, and frankly terrifying puns all vying for attention during an increasingly busy season for marketers. At this time of year I love taking a peek at what our clients have been up to, as Halloween often provides a great opportunity for email marketers to get creative.

Let me tell you now that 2017 didn’t disappoint.

This year, my particular favorite came courtesy of the Central England Co-operative, one of the UK’s largest independent retailers and a household name for many. Rather than simply driving pumpkin-hungry shoppers to its supermarkets, the Co-op provided a fun combination of quirky GIFs, crafty tips, and cute graphics to accompany its seasonal offers.

Let’s start with the GIFs, shall we?

I mean, even the most hardened arachnophobe can’t fail to be won over by this little guy:

There’s a real family feel to the email, which is very on-brand for the Co-op. After encouraging shoppers to pick up the necessary ingredients from their local branch, there’s a clear CTA to cook up a devilish pumpkin soup ahead of the big night. The screenshot links seamlessly to a quirky ‘how-to’ video on the Co-op’s own YouTube channel:

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan. We’ve had some great Halloween campaigns in previous years, too, such as this creepy creation from Wyevale garden centers. If you’re feeling a bit disappointed by how your own Halloween campaign performed, or are looking for tips to step up your game next year, remember to check our round-up of 2017’s star performers.

Now if you’ll excuse me, those leftover cookies won’t eat themselves…



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