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How to use reviews and surveys in your email marketing strategy

I recently purchased some new bedding from Debenhams and I received an email which firstly complimented me on my great taste, and then asked me to review my purchase.

The email also asked me to complete a short survey to help them improve their customer service. This type of email makes your customers feel valued because you let them know their opinion matters to you. I’ve decided to put together some tips for companies who are not taking advantage of this strategy yet, using Debenhams’ example.

survey debenhams 1

A few tips for using product review requests in email

  • Personalise the email by including the product name and image
  • Make it as easy as possible for customers to review the product, don’t include other distractions
  • Use a clear call to action and link it through to a short and concise form

Debenhams did this well by including a form which had a star rating and space available for comment.

survey debenhams 2

Using reviews is a great way to encourage future customers to purchase because it adds credibility and establishes trust. I have to admit that the reason that I chose this particular bedding was the great reviews that it had received!

Some tips for successful service surveys

Surveys are a fantastic way to get feedback from your customers to help you improve customer experience, launch new products or improve your marketing communications. Two of our Campaign of the Month winners saw fantastic results using them: River Street Events for the BBC Good Food Shows and Soulmatefood for ecommerce. What you should do:

  • Keep it short. It’s highly unlikely your customers will have time to fill in multiple pages so they would end up abandoning a large form. Keeping it to a single page works well and encourages people to complete it by stressing how quick it will be.
  • Provide customers with a text box where they can provide their opinion on why they have selected a certain rating.

survey debenhams 3

  • What’s in it for the customer? A suggestion to improve Debenhams email would be to offer an incentive to complete the review and survey. This could be a discount code for their next purchase, an entry into a competition or access to some exclusive content.

Timex had a great example for this as part of their progressive profiling program.

By making sure that the customer voice is heard, you can make better business and marketing decisions in the future. A happy customer is a returning customer!