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Email Marketing Expert

Certified Email ExpertDo you want to become your organizations email champion? Become an Adestra Email Marketing Expert. Learn how to setup email campaigns, how to optimize them to maximize results, and get fully up-to-speed with all the latest best practices.

In order to complete this certification you’ll need to have:

  1. Completed the introductory session Getting Started with Adestra’s MessageFocus
  2. Completed all the below classes
  3. Successfully passed the exams

If you have a large number of users you’d like to complete the certification, we can arrange face-to-face workshops. For more information email

1. Creating a Successful Email Campaign

Coming soon

2. Advanced Reporting

Coming soon

3. Using Filters to Create your Audience Segments

Coming soon

4. Automating Email Programs

Coming soon

5. Campaign Strategy and Best Practice

Coming soon

6. Advanced Personalization

Coming soon