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Designing unbreakable emails for the inbox of the future


Date: Thursday, 14th April 2016

Time: 4:00 PM BST | 8:00 AM PST | 9:00 AM MST | 10:00 AM CST | 11:00 AM EST

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Presenters: Lisa Snuggs, Head of Product Management and Rob Pellow, Head of Digital Design

Email production can involve the interaction of two camps:

  1. Time-poor marketers who are under pressure to get email campaigns launched, free of errors, across a myriad of devices and containing engaging content to maximize interactions
  2. Email designers who know the quirks of different email clients and put their heart and soul into creating impactful and innovative emails to enhance the brands they work with

When it comes to designing for the inbox of the future, the designers will have the know-how, but the marketers will do the day-to-day heavy lifting. We’ve put two of our own experts, Lisa and Rob, from the two camps together to discuss:

  • The current challenges of mobile email marketing
  • Tips for delivering engaging emails no matter the device it’s received on
  • How to future-proof your email marketing

Also, don’t miss out on a sneak preview of Adestra’s new next generation Email Editorleave beautiful design to the designers and skilled execution to the marketers.

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