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What our Clients say

“The way that MessageFocus is structured is vital to the way that our global business is structured. I haven’t yet seen another tool that can help us manage our emails the way that MessageFocus does because we separate out every brand we work on into a different workspace and projects for each type of communication. We can set defaults within those workspaces and projects which means we can manage things like our unsubscribe lists, from addresses and reply addresses centrally, whilst giving the teams the ability to manage their own email campaigns.”

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“We have been impressed with how reliable and easy MessageFocus is to use, from setting up complex campaigns to the comprehensive and accurate reporting available. Day-to-day this saves us a considerable amount of time and has allowed us to think more strategically about our activities. It’s been a very positive experience working with Adestra and I have no reservations in thoroughly recommending them.”

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“It has been a refreshing experience since we decided to switch over to Adestra – I have always had the sneaking suspicion that our previous email suppliers weren’t as smart or able to fix problems as they purported to be…but I have found that Adestra seem to know exactly what they are talking about.”

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“I have worked with Adestra and the MessageFocus product in my current role for three years. In all of our meetings security of our data remains a priority for them, not just for data protection reasons, but due to the sensitive nature of some of the information we email. We renewed our contract with them last year on the strength of their product and the continuing innovation that the product has seen.”

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“Adestra’s online support team are fantastic! Our problems are consistently solved within minutes, the team are friendly and always explain things in a clear, concise way. It is simply a great feature.”

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“You do have great people working for you, always helpful, always friendly, always going the extra step to get me the help I need. THANK YOU to all of you…”

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“MessageFocus blows everything else out of the water. It’s so intuitive and great support.”

“Adestra gave me lots of great tips and advice and I’ve really seen our campaign results improve since I’ve implemented their suggestions. ”

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