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TheMediaBriefing achieve 40x ROI with multi-channel approach


  • Significantly increase year-on-year delegate revenue
  • Attract a higher proportion of European attendees ahead of expanding into other international markets
  • Increase TheMediaBriefing’s email database


TheMediaBriefing is an intelligence platform for the global media industry, founded in 2010. They provide original analysis, insight and reporting on industry trends, challenges and opportunities with selective curation of the best articles on the media landscape from around the media world.


The third annual Digital Media Strategies Conference organised by TheMediaBriefing brought together leading players from the world of media. To make it a success the marketing team took a content-led approach, built a larger email database and worked closely with media associations across Europe. Employing a multi-channel approach, they achieved fantastic results, and exceeded expectations.

The Challenge

In order to fulfil their objectives, the marketing team had to clearly communicate to media professionals the value and key relevant topics that were going to be discussed at the event to persuade them to register. This had to be achieved with a budget of only £5 K, so the marketing plan had to be spot on.

The Solution

To succeed, TheMediaBriefing’s team took a thought leadership approach by creating content in collaboration with two of the leading media associations in Europe: the OPA and EPC. This relationship allowed them to identify key topics, speakers and issues facing the industry that would appeal to a European target audience. It also gave them access to publications and magazines to support their marketing plan.

The team conducted interviews with key speakers to raise awareness of the event, and published these on their editorial website. Their approach also involved:

  • Working with Adestra’s Digital Design team to create mobile responsive templates for their editorial newsletters
  • Social media posts sent at the same time as the newsletters to maximise relevant touchpoints across all channels

Targeting the website visitors coming to the editorial and news section of the site with event-related online advertising to drive registrations

The Result

161% increase in YoY delegate revenue

Doubled email database

By using thought-leadership content and a multi-channel approach, TheMediaBriefing marketing team captured the attention of media professionals and achieved some amazing results:

  • 161% rise in year-on-year delegate revenue for the Digital Media Strategies event
  • 74% increase in the number of European delegates attending
  • An incredible return on investment of 40:1
  • 2x increase in the size of the email database

TheMediaBriefing followed a similar approach to ensure a successful launch of the Digital Media Strategies conference in the USA.

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