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Intelligent email marketing drives fourfold increase in revenue for Big Cup Little Cup


  • Maximize the conversion rate on website visitors
  • Turn first-time purchasers into loyal customers and brand advocates

Agency: Genie Goals – A specialist paid search, Shopping Campaigns and email marketing agency. Their clients include national and international retailers and e-commerce businesses.

Brand: Big Cup Little Cup are an online retailer of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, focused on offering premium quality products.




As an online exclusive brand Big Cup Little Cup needed to attract as many website visitors as possible to become customers, and try their products. Using email marketing and a clear strategy, they had fantastic success.

The Challenge

For this new online brand, it was a challenge to achieve these objectives within a restricted budget. A simple, effective strategy was needed to deliver great results.

The Solution

Big Cup Little Cup engaged Genie Goals to develop and implement an email strategy to achieve their objectives. Adestra’s MessageFocus was selected as the email platform due to its automation capabilities and easy-to-use split testing functionality.

With support from Adestra, Genie Goals implemented the following tactics:

  • Moved newsletter sign-up box to prominent position ‘above the fold’
  • Added incentive of 15% discount on first purchase
  • Set up an automatically-triggered welcome email
  • Created three stage nursery program for first-time customers

The first goal was to maximize the capture of valuable email addresses and the conversion rate on website visitors. To achieve this, the newsletter sign up box was moved to a prominent position ‘above the fold’. This was achieved very simply using Adestra’s Form Builder which created the necessary code to be embedded on Big Cup Little Cup’s website.

Additionally, newsletter sign up was incentivized with a 15% discount on the first order. By following up with an instantly-triggered welcome email, subscribers could take advantage of the discount straightaway. The incentive value and email design were tested to find the best conversion rate for this email.

A three stage nursery program was created for new customers to enhance their experience and build brand loyalty:

  1. The first email provides recipes and advice on making the perfect coffee.
  2. The second email explains how to recycle the coffee capsule packaging.
  3. The third email talks about the origins of the coffee and for the first time includes a subtle sales message, encouraging readers to try different varieties of coffee.

The emails are sent 7 days apart. Testing different subject lines and content was key to achieving optimum performance for this program.

The Result

206% increase in newsletter signups in 6 months

£12.59 revenue per email from welcome email

The success of the email program has been overwhelming. Big Cup Little Cup saw a fourfold increase in revenue over 6 months, with more than 20% of sales directly attributable to email. The welcome email program achieved an average conversion rate of 33% or £12.59 revenue per email, and the nursery program for first-time customers had open rates of over 60%.

For their next project, Genie Goals will be developing an automated replenishment program to remind customers to re-order coffee capsules when they are running low.

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