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Content automation saves 8.5 hours per week

Objectives: Reduce the time spent creating the daily e-zine, deliver the most up-to-date articles from the website to their subscribers

Brand: is the leading provider of online news and analysis for the global telecoms industry, generating over 2 million page views per year. Reporting directly from the major telecommunications markets around the globe 80,000 unique monthly visitors rely on to keep them up-to-date with all the latest industry developments.

Quick Wins

Reporting directly from the major telecommunications markets around the globe, 80,000 unique monthly visitors rely on to keep them up-to-date with the very latest industry developments.

One of the main sources drawing these visitors to the news pages is the daily e-zine which features snippets of all the top stories and drives traffic to the website.

“Automating the content for our daily e-zine has enabled me to be a more effective marketer, and concentrate on other, more strategic tasks. Our daily bulletin email is now always live, up-to-date and ready to be broadcast. Even more importantly, the average click-through rate has increased, showing that the more up-to-date content has had an impact.”
Sophie Burdajewicz,’s Head of Marketing

The Challenge’s marketing team were spending two hours every day copying content from their website, and pasting it into their email template. This meant the daily e-zine was not 100% up-to-date with the content on the website, and the marketing team wasted valuable time on a simple task.

The Solution

After consulting with Adestra, the company decided to automate the newsletter content using the dynamic content generation feature in MessageFocus. This uses XML to pull content directly from a website into an email, while maintaining a consistent content style.

In’s case, four different RSS feeds were set to automatically populate the majority of their daily e-zine. Case Study

The Result

Dynamic content generation reduced the time spent creating each email from two hours a day to 20 minutes. The format of the email retained its original style and branding, reflecting the website, and creating a consistent user journey.

8.5 hours a week saved

Content more up-to-date than ever before

The automation had another positive effect: it made the email content more up-to-date than it had ever been before. The technology would transfer the information instantly every time, which wasn’t possible through a manual process.

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