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Bags ETC. saw an 850% increase in their mobile revenue from email by going mobile

Objective: Increase opens, clicks and ultimately revenue from mobile recipients.

Agency: Genie Goals
A specialist paid search, Shopping Campaigns and email marketing agency. Their clients include national and international retailers and e-commerce businesses.

Brand: Bags ETC. offer the latest innovations and trends as well as outstanding value on bags, luggage and accessories. They have 72 stores including concessions in House of Fraser department stores across the country.



Quick Wins

It’s no secret to marketers that optimizing for mobile devices is a must nowadays, but exactly what effect does it have on business performance? As a company that prides itself on innovation, and keeping up with the latest trends, Bags ETC. were worried that not having mobile responsive email templates was causing a loss in revenue. Taking the decision to revamp their emails was the right one, as it brought them an 850% increase in mobile revenue.

The Challenge

Looking at the Adestra Email Client Reporting for Bags ETC. clearly showed that a large percentage of their emails were being opened on a mobile device. This was a cause of concern, however, as their existing templates weren’t optimized for mobile. The brand wanted to make sure they were maximizing their results, and a poor mobile experience was affecting them as it was leading to missed sales.

The Solution

They therefore decided to develop mobile optimized email templates.

The key enhancements were:

  • They switched to a single-column design to allow simpler resizing
  • The logo was enhanced so at any size it looks crisp
  • Content that wasn’t necessary on mobile devices was set to be hidden
  • The clarity of text was improved by increasing the default size
  • Call-to-action buttons were made clearer and easier to click with clumsy fingers

Bags ETC. have the internal technical expertise to put together HTML emails, so they used the templates directly in the MessageFocus Source Code Editor. This allowed them to quickly create bug-free, well-coded emails.

To further enhance the performance of their campaigns, Bags ETC. also used the split testing feature to optimize subject lines to increase mobile open rates.

The Result

Switching to a mobile responsive template had an outstanding effect on Bags ETC.’s email marketing performance. It improved not only open and click through rates, but also direct revenue. They have seen a significant increase in direct desktop sales in the first 48 hours of each email campaign, with these spectacular growth figures from mobile:

1511% increase in mobile transactions

850% increase in mobile revenue

Are you behind the times when it comes to mobile marketing?

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