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Case Studies

Our clients choose to work with us to solve a wide variety of email marketing challenges across many industries.

The single uniting factor for our global clients is that Adestra provides them with the solutions and strategy they need to deliver results. Our clients are happy to share their successes and discuss their use of MessageFocus as part of their email marketing campaigns.

New mobile-responsive modular template delivers 500% increase in click-through rate for Future Publishing

Adestra’s Digital Design team were engaged by Future to create a template to use initially during the lifecycle of the PC Gamer Weekender event. It needed to be instantly recognizable from a brand point of view, but also be engaging and stand out in the crowd so that it would boost ticket sales and excitement in equal measure. The template needed to be flexible enough to deal with the different types of content, yet easy to use by anyone – not just users with experience using HTML.

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River Street Events achieve outstanding results with improved email design, continuous testing and optimization

River Street Events operate in a competitive market with many other events and experiences competing for share of pocket. Email is a key channel for driving ticket sales. The marketing team had noticed a decline in email performance over time, and on moving to Adestra, were determined to turn this around.

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Re-engagement program re-activates over 8,000 contacts and increases clicks by 40%

The IET know that data management is important to improve the performance of their email marketing and to maintain good deliverability. This is why they decided to create a re-engagement program and clean up their database. By implementing it, they have seen tremendous results with a real impact on their organization.

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Dynamic email content leads to 400% increase in conversions for Black Friday email

The Diamond Store knew that competition in the inbox on Black Friday would be intense. They wanted to make sure their campaign stood out and made a bold statement.

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Automated visitor journeys achieve 119% higher engagement for Sleep

The Sleep team achieved 119% higher engagement and met their conversion rate target by automating their visitor journeys following pre-registration.

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AOP discovers new monetization stream in email

AOP has access to a very important audience for advertisers, but they were worried that adding advertising to their emails would not blend in with their content and add too much pressure on their marketing team’s time. By partnering with Adestra and LiveIntent, AOP had their templates ready for advertising in less than two days, adding an additional revenue stream with little effort.

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Tailored welcome program achieves tenfold increase in revenue per email for pet retailer PetsPyjamas

PetsPyjamas know that no two pet owners are the same. So why should they receive the same emails with the same messaging? To make their emails more relevant, the pet retailer uses Adestra’s Automation Program Builder to send targeted communications from the start of a customer’s journey and throughout their lifecycle. With this strategy PetsPyjamas not only achieve better engagement, they gain insight into their customers’ interests and ultimately increase revenue.

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Truprint improve customer experience and achieve 2x higher conversion rate with automated programs

In a highly competitive discount-driven market, differentiating your brand and winning loyal customers is a challenge. Truprint used automation to create a series of lifecycle programs that improve the customer experience, build relationships and ultimately increase conversions and customer lifetime value.

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Penguin inspire their readers with personalized book recommendations

The Penguinspiration project demonstrates that segmentation can be an effective way to give subscribers a personalized experience, and make a dramatic improvement to engagement and conversions.

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Penguin Random House

iGaming Business increase trial conversion rate by 33% with automated trial nurture program

iGaming Business worked with Adestra Professional Services to create a nine stage fully automated trial nurture program using the Automation Program Builder. The program has generated improved engagement from trialists and increased the trial conversion rate by 33%.

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Partnering for Success: Award-winning agency Fat Media selects Adestra to provide clients with cutting-edge email solutions

Fat Media recognized the importance of email and the need to develop their offering to retain and attract new business. They needed an email technology partner to support them in this.

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TheMediaBriefing achieve 40x ROI with multi-channel approach

The third annual Digital Media Strategies Conference organised by TheMediaBriefing brought together leading players from the world of media. To make it a success the marketing team took a content-led approach, built a larger email database and worked closely with media associations across Europe.

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New welcome program drives 15% increase in email-driven web traffic

Beachcomber already knew the importance of engaging their subscribers right from the start with a welcome email. But they wanted to capitalize on the initial interest, and nurture their new subscribers by extending the single email to a welcome series.

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Getting boobs delivered

Having a quirky brand tone of voice can be fun. But it can also cause problems when trying to get email campaigns past common spam filters. Thankfully CoppaFeel could rest assured that their messages would get through to their contacts thanks to Adestra’s dedicated deliverability experts.

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Email automation drives subscription revenue growth of 31% for Incisive Media

Incisive Media has grown from the publisher of a single B2B financial magazine to a global business media company with a vast portfolio. By integrating ‘best-of-breed’ technology solutions, including Adestra Message Focus, Incisive have created a seamless system that supports their growth, without having to bend their requirements to an ‘all-in-one’ system.

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Intelligent email marketing drives fourfold increase in revenue for Big Cup Little Cup

As an online exclusive brand Big Cup Little Cup needed to attract as many website visitors as possible to become customers, and try their products. Using email marketing and a clear strategy, they had fantastic success.

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Automated emails deliver 26% of total email-driven revenue for Harrod Horticultural

Harrod Horticultural adopted email automation to be able to respond to customer behavior in a timely way, and to see if that impacts the bottom line. They created targeted messages around key customer lifecycle stages, which not only boosted their email engagement rates, but led to a 17% year on year increase in revenue as well.

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Volunteer-led emails improve local community engagement for the IET

With over 100 IET local networks run by volunteers that organize events around engineering and technology, a more localized communication approach was needed to support the growing community feel. But how do you do that while maintaining consistent branding, controlling access to sensitive information, and keep emails easy to create and send?

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Email helps drive 30% year on year growth for online media business

The email channel is core to SheerLuxe’s strategy and business model. They needed to grow a loyal and engaged audience to attract advertisers looking to direct consumers to their websites and/or online stores. With an average open-rate of 25%, SheerLuxe now attract over half of their website traffic from email.

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C+D boost advertising revenue by 29% as a result of improved engagement across their newsletter portfolio

The C+D marketing team were concerned about decreasing engagement rates across their newsletter portfolio. In fact, a significant proportion of their database had not opened or clicked for some time. However, they managed to turn this around with engagement-boosting strategies which resulted in boosted advertising revenues by 29%, increased open rates reaching 32% and new template average click-to-open rates: 28%.

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Bags ETC. saw an 850% increase in their mobile revenue from email by going mobile

It’s no secret to marketers that optimizing for mobile devices is a must nowadays, but exactly what effect does it have on business performance? Taking the decision to revamp their emails was the right one for Bags ETC., as it brought them an 850% increase in mobile revenue.

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The digital re-birth of a print-only magazine through email

Sometimes the transition from print to digital isn’t as straightforward as one might anticipate. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) were faced with this when they realized that financial constraints meant their magazine Wiring Matters could no longer be printed. Despite previous research standing against an online version, the team took a chance and the risk paid off.

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Mango Bikes achieve a 2337% ROI from a lifecycle email campaign

We’ve heard time and time again that it’s easier to market to your current customers than to acquire new ones. But in order to succeed at that, your messages have to be very targeted and relevant. Mango, a quirky and fun cycling retailer, used email automation, and achieved a 2337% ROI as a result!

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Saving time with the MessageFocus API

Following a business acquisition, Intent Media found that their workload had increased considerably as a result of the number of titles added to their portfolio. They needed to accomodate the needs of the new magazines without increasing the human resources already in place.

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Optimising HTML to improve mobile data capture results

With QR codes being used on the majority of Principality’s printed marketing material, they needed to make mobile data capture easier for their users and increase sign-ups. Using a form specially optimised for mobile devices, Principality reported an increase in open rates, 30% higher than the industry benchmark.

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Increasing income from abandoned baskets with Adestra’s Conversion Capture

For The Diamond Store, customer service is a big brand driver. They needed a resource effective yet customer focussed approach for encouraging basket abandoners to convert. Using Conversion Capture meant they could send automated and personalised reminder emails to their basket abandoners and increase their online income, without draining internal resources.

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Increasing brand advocacy and data acquisition using the MessageFocus Social Sharing feature

Encouraging customers to shout about your brand can be a challenge. And collecting data from wider consumer circles can often be harder. The Celtic Manor overcame these challenges by incentivising social media interaction and forward to a friend forms in their email. Utilising popular channels and methods of sharing resulted in over 1900 new subscribers for the brand.

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Content automation saves 8.5 hours per week 

Reporting directly from the major telecommunications markets around the globe, 80,000 unique monthly visitors rely on to keep them up-to-date with the very latest industry developments. One of the main sources drawing these visitors to the news pages is the daily e-zine which features snippets of all the top stories and drives traffic to the website.

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Seamless transactional email integration with the MessageFocus API

Oxfam, a leading UK charity needed to automate a series of triggered emails for their new online store. Adestra’s Project Management team guided Oxfam through the set-up to integrate MessageFocus and their online store. Oxfam’s real-time email campaigns meant they could automate resource-heavy and manual email tasks.

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Increasing donor acquisition with SMS

In 2010 Wood Green Animal Shelter saw an increase of 20% in the number of animals being brought in for care and re-homing. Adestra consultants reviewed the shelter’s donation channel strategy, analysing the feasibility of various donation methods and helped the shelter implement an SMS donation campaign resulting in 276 new donations in the first 11 days.

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Relevant and targeted communications to increase ROI

A shift from face-to-face sales to ecommerce prompted RM to choose Adestra’s MessageFocus. It enabled them to increase the ROI of their emails without an increase in the time they would have to spend creating the email campaigns.

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Following best practice improved Sheerluxe’s deliverability, increasing open rates by 1033%

Communicating value and benefits in subject lines and content can be difficult for retailers with repetitive use of popular phrases such as ‘free’ causing emails to land in junk folders. That’s exactly what luxury retailer found when they asked Adestra to increase their email deliverability. Our experts worked with them to cleanse their data collection processes to achieve an inbox placement rate of over 98%.

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Consultancy to improve email marketing effectiveness

Informa Business Information wanted to encourage a cultural shift from a “load and blast” approach to email, to a more strategic, integrated use of email as a key marketing channel. Adestra approached the challenge by carrying out bespoke consultancy and training with IBI to help them achieve a more targeted approach to their email marketing.

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Improving email quality and efficiency with the MessageFocus Approval System

Dennis Publishing employs a busy subscriptions team, sending on average 10 subscription builder emails a week. With a high demand on their time, coordinating email sign-off from internal stakeholders was proving time consuming and prone to roadblocks when it came to quality control and sign off on email campaigns.

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