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Chart of the Week: What is stopping marketers from using more personalisation?


Increased competition in the inbox and increased expectations from consumers have made marketers realise that the need to personalise their communications is more pressing than ever. In fact, it’s the number one area the 1,200 respondents to the 2017 Email Marketing Industry survey indicated as their focus for 2017, chosen by 30% of them.

However, willingness to employ a strategy doesn’t always lead to implementation. When asked to choose the top three challenges, in-house and agency marketers’ responses were fairly similar.

2017 Census barriers to personalisation

Perhaps unsurprisingly, integrating data is still a major obstacle for most marketers. An interesting point is that 35% of agency respondents consider ‘understanding where to focus’ a challenge, making it the second biggest challenge after data. Coupled with 31% choosing ‘lack of skills’, this is a perfect example of where a strong relationship with a marketing technology service provider is important as that could provide additional strategic guidance.

2017 Email Census banner

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