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3 days ago by Anca Nicolaescu

7 questions to ask yourself about mobile optimisation and design

Mobile optimisation has now become a key practice for most marketers, with the 2016 Email Census revealing that 64% of companies are focusing on it. While its importance is certainly not going to diminish (last month registered an all-time high of 59% mobile opens), we shouldn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Take a moment…

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Mobile Consumers SMS Marketing

4 days ago by Ryan Phelan

Better email acquisition is key for big data success

Email marketing and big data have a surprisingly symbiotic relationship, where each one makes the other better, something that will only increase in the future. Big data – demographics, behavior, buying behavior in other channels, competitive intelligence – has been successful for digital marketers in large part because of email marketing. In turn, big data allows marketers…

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Big data

5 days ago by Matt McGowan

Are you working too hard, or hardly working?

In a recent CMO Spend survey from some of my industry peers over at Gartner (Jake Sorofman, Yvonne Genovesee, and Anna Maria Virzi (hi Anna Maria!)), a couple of stats truly jumped out at me. 33 percent of marketing budgets are now spent on Marketing Technology (MarTech). 56 percent of marketers ranked customer experience as…

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Work smart, not hard

6 days ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Why modular email design is the way forward

Having different email templates for different purposes is what most marketers would consider as sustainable or relatively long-term email design. However, how many of us haven’t run into problems with that approach? Some of the usual email editing scenarios include: Deleting/adding a section from/to the template Changing the placement of copy, images or general layout Doing something…

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2 weeks ago by Annabel Reeve

Voucher emails for Hospitality: being the real deal in your customers’ inboxes

We all get them. Voucher emails flood my inbox on a daily basis, competing against each other with tantalising subject lines and carefully-selected percentage savings designed to be as eye-catching as possible.  We all LOVE to dine out: it’s sociable, enjoyable, relaxing, but can also become very expensive! Restaurant brands know that and those that…

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2 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

54% of marketers love their ESP but there’s room for improvement

How do companies and agencies use email service providers? Where can ESPs improve and what do marketers really think of them? Our 2016 Email Marketing Census sheds light on many different parts of the industry, including direct feedback from agencies and companies on their provider. This article has a look at what they had to say.…

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3 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: What is an Email Service Provider?

In short, Email Service Providers (ESPs) work with businesses to enable them to send emails to their subscriber bases, whether large lists or targeted segments. They offer the functionality for a business to build a relationship with their customers and prospects. What capabilities do they have? There are many ESPs in the market place, with different audiences…

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3 weeks ago by Suzy Race

Should retailers invest in creating a loyalty program?

You’ve probably heard of Starbucks Rewards, Nectar, Tesco Club and many, many others. The idea of a loyalty program is widely used within the retail industry to drive the strategy behind customer retention. For those of you still waiting to take the plunge and implement one, what does a loyalty program really entail and why…

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4 weeks ago by Aimee Howell

Never-active email subscribers and how to deal with them

Never-active email subscribers are contacts who have never engaged with an email. Marketers should be wary of these as they can ultimately affect deliverability if they continue to be sent email campaigns. There are a few reasons as to why your reports are not showing any engagement for those particular contacts: They may have signed…

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4 weeks ago by Ryan Phelan

How incremental innovation drives steady and strategic change

I talk a lot about how marketers have to change their email programs to succeed in today’s email universe. But I also know that time, resource and money challenges often prevent marketers from trying all the innovations they see, read and hear about. Most of the marketers I’ve met are barely able to get their…

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