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2 days ago by Steve Denner

Email Marketing Tips: 9 Ways to Improve

2014 will be the year of email marketing, the eighth annual Email Marketing Industry Census suggests, with 68% of companies now rating email as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ for ROI. This now ranks it higher than SEO. Furthermore, 83% of marketers believe email will be their most effective distribution channel, a Regalix study revealed. Meanwhile, 77% believe it will…

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3 days ago by Anca Nicolaescu

What is DKIM and why should email marketers care?

Today in Term of the Week we explore why all email marketers should know what DKIM is and use it. Essentially, DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a digitally encrypted signature used in a message, for the purpose of checking if the source is genuine. It resulted from the merger of Yahoo’s DomainKeys and Cisco’s Identified…

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4 days ago by Jennifer Watkiss

How Mobile-Thinking Can Drive Event Success

It’s hard to separate your event attendees from their mobile devices, so why not use it to your advantage to improve your chances of event success? Trade shows and conferences are a big part of the B2B world. Five years ago speakers wouldn’t have liked attendees using their phones all the time, but now it’s a…

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1 week ago by Anca Nicolaescu

The World of Email Technology Through The Eyes of an Accountant

Finance is not often the center of attention when it comes to interviews, but at Adestra every department deserves the spotlight! This month our attention shines on our Finance team, represented by Aaron Hudson. AN: What inspired you to work with numbers? AH: It was purely accidental. After school, I needed a job and I…

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1 week ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Give your email subscribers control, give them a Preference Center

Today in Term of the Week, we explore Preference Centers and how they can help you in your email marketing. Preference Centers are forms which allow your subscribers to update their details and choose what information to receive, at any point in their relationship with your brand. Why are Preference Centers important? When your contacts…

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2 weeks ago by Matt Gray

Shhh! 4 Secret Tricks for Better Event Marketing

Make your events marketing work harder by using these tried and tested tactics. Go beyond best practice tips to increase the effectiveness of your event marketing. The following four tricks will teach you how to improve your email subject lines, use location targeting to your advantage, tease your email subscribers, and engage them to enhance…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Why Gmail’s unsubscribe link will not be a blow to email marketers

AdWeek published an article by Ed Lamb last week claiming that the addition of a Gmail unsubscribe link in the header of incoming emails will contribute to the death of email marketing as we know it. I beg to differ. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry. Google announced on the 6th of August that it will now…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Term of the week: Greylisting

Our Term of the Week series explains key marketing terms in about 150 words. This week, it’s greylisting. Anti-spam software is more effective than ever, making consumers happier, and helping legitimate senders reach the inbox. One weapon in the anti-spam war is greylisting. Even though you’re probably not a spammer, learning how greylisting works can help you make sure…

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Blocked email

3 weeks ago by Matt Gray

Quick Wins: 3 Ways to Implement Automation for Events

Find out how to nudge your registrants to attend, deliver a personalized experience, and get the timing right with email automation for events. Organizing an event is challenging and part of that is getting more people to register. And, particularly if it’s a free event, you also need to convince registrants to attend. While there…

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3 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Term of the week: Soft Bounce

This is ‘Term of the Week’, explaining what you need to know in around 150 words. A bounce happens when your recipient’s mail server rejects your email and sends it back. But did you know you can have a hard or a soft bounce? Simply put, a soft bounce means that this situation is temporary (you…

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Soft Bounce Report
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