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7 hours ago by Jennifer Watkiss

SMS vs DM vs Email: which gives the best ROI? Fight!

Email, social media, and web marketing all compete to deliver marketing ROI — and when you add SMS and DM the fight gets even more interesting. Find out which one is worth your time and money.  Our eGuide on Email vs Social Media vs Website Marketing got top marks from marketers looking to boost their marketing ROI, but…

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1 day ago by Paul Dyke

Untangling the knots: Fixed, fluid, adaptive and responsive design

One of the hottest topics in marketing at the moment is catering to the mobile audience. Every reputable company wants their emails designed to look beautiful no matter the screen size. But sometimes, buzzwords get the best of us and all that’s left is confusion. So what exactly is the difference between fixed, fluid, adaptive…

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2 days ago by Dan Bond

Our magic 8-ball predicts marketing trends of the future…

Uncover whether the latest buzzwords and marketing trends are here to stay — or destined to disappear without a trace.   New buzzwords are being created by marketers all the time to reflect emerging marketing trends. But which buzzwords are worth investing in? And which should be allowed to fade into obscurity? Here’s our Magic 8-Ball to sort…

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1 week ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Wickedly good Halloween email examples to treat your subscribers

It’s not too late to treat your customers to a bit of Halloween fun. Be inspired by these six B2C companies for spooky copy and terrifying email design. As we learned this summer, reacting to the events around you can help you achieve more with your emails. Whether your goal is to increase your open…

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1 week ago by Dan Bond

4 tips you cannot ignore this holiday season in B2B

We’ve put together a list of tips that B2B companies can follow to ensure their sales cycle is not disturbed during the holidays. Let’s go walking in an email wonderland. As Christmas approaches, blogs and news sites start booming with marketing advice for retailers. Although some of that advice might apply to B2B companies as…

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B2B Holiday Tips

2 weeks ago by Jennifer Watkiss

This is how you grow your email list using social media

Email marketing is the number one channel for ROI, but building an email list of interested contacts can sometimes be tricky. Since social media offers the opportunity for genuine interaction with potential customers, why not use that to your advantage? Let’s explore the potential to grow your email list with two of the most popular social…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Term of the week: what is an API?

You’ve probably heard this term a lot in the tech industry. But if you’re not sure exactly what an API is, this week’s term of the week is for you. API is short for Application Programming Interface, and it’s the way different software applications communicate with each other, despite being coded differently. Because this happens…

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2 weeks ago by Dan Bond

More than the sum of its parts: integrating email, social and SMS

Email, SMS or social? The answer is all three. A recent McKinsey study compared the effectiveness of email and social marketing and concluded that email was 40 times better at acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. Bear in mind the increased time and effort involved in social media marketing and you might be forgiven for…

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3 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Supporting customers to deliver success

This week, the Institute of Customer Service celebrates Customer Service Week. All businesses strive to do very well, but dealing with customer queries is not always easy. I grilled Matt Cutbush, the head of our own Support team, on the topic. A: What is one thing that you think people don’t realise about our Support…

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Matt Cutbush portrait

3 weeks ago by Adestra

The state of email marketing in four key industries – what have we learned?

We recently published the 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census – Key Sector Report which looks at results in four sectors: Retail Publishing & Media Technology & Telecoms Charities/Government & Non-Profit We decided to share what we learned about each sector and the areas they could improve in. One important area of consideration is balancing the…

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