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1 hour ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: What is Graymail?

Otherwise known as ‘ham’, Graymail isn’t spam. It’s email that someone has opted-in to receive but doesn’t really want. Why would someone opt in to this, if they don’t want it? The contact may have been to a conference or signed up for a competition; often they will be asked for their details so they can…

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4 days ago by Peter Rylands

What if email were to die? (part two)

Would marketers be able to fill the void if email marketing were to suddenly disappear? Last week we looked at how capable certain digital channels would be. This week, it’s time to evaluate some traditional marketing channels. Snail Mail You’re a new, small, business. You have no mailing list but a fresh new website. How do…

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6 days ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Deduplication or Dedupe

Deduplication eliminates duplicate copies of data. This is used in email marketing when importing, or gathering, new data to ensure that people who are already on your contact list are not added again. Why do I need to dedupe? Though quite a simple action, deduplication helps prevent sending multiple campaigns to the same contact, which…

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1 week ago by Matt McGowan

Why I loved my time at Google and how it led me to Adestra

What an exciting time to be a marketer. Email is now, more than ever, central for marketers as they look to communicate with and identify customers in a mobile first measurable multi-channel world where the cookie has been depreciated. We have seen the end of the days of email taking the back-seat. It is now…

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2 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

What if email were to die? (part one)

You can probably find a blog every month on how email isn’t dead and is, instead, thriving. What if it were to die though? What do marketers have at their disposal to fill the void? The real question is, can they fill the void? Social Media Social media is the playground in which companies can…

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2 weeks ago by Joe Parsons

Outlook: the struggles of making a masterpiece

The good news when it comes to developing HTML emails is that a lot of browsers and email clients have moved in leaps and bounds and, in the right hands, emails are starting to really push the boundaries with more web-like layouts, animations and buttons. Unfortunately, not every client has moved on… Picture the scene:…

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3 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Click-through rate

Click-through rate, or CTR, is the ratio of contacts that click on a link against the total that opened your email. It is often used as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), to measure the success of a campaign based on active engagement with the email, though it could produce subsequent success that isn’t tracked. For…

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3 weeks ago by Zoe Goldsbury

Making your emails stand out with dynamic content

With the amount of emails being sent everyday it can be hard to make an impact and stand out from the crowd. Around 144.8 billion emails are sent every day worldwide. If you then consider that there are 3.3 billion active email addresses an average person will receive around 44 emails every day! Email remains…

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1 month ago by Suzy Race

What wearables really mean for email

Wearables should bring about a serious shake-up. The market will spike to 485 million device shipments by 2018, according to ABI Research. If industry predictions are right, wearables will be one of the most disruptive technology advances since the smartphone arrived – and that tipping point could come around much faster. Here’s what you need…

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