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1 day ago by Ryan Phelan

Why email marketers should look beyond their traditional echo chambers

I recently got back from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where I attended the DMA Nonprofit Federation‘s leadership summit and met industry leaders from some of the top nonprofit organizations in the US, like the Red Cross, AARP, Catholic Charities and Wounded Warriors. For me, this was a different kind of conference and the format wasn’t…

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5 days ago by Kathryn Johnson

Four examples of great sign-up forms and why they work

The first interaction your audience will have with your brand is most likely when visiting your website. Ensuring there is ample opportunity for them to receive future communications via email is key. Using a sign-up form to capture these email addresses is an easy first step, but if this process isn’t straightforward or clear, many…

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1 week ago by Katie Evans

Learn from retailers and make the most of abandoned basket re-targeting

The average cart abandonment rate stands at 66.8%. With this in mind, abandoned basket retargeting is a great strategy for encouraging buyers to return to their baskets and complete the purchase. This strategy has become widely used by retailers, proving very effective. However, capturing potentially lost sales needn’t be exclusive to retailers. Marketers from a broad spectrum of…

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2 weeks ago by Kathryn Johnson

The black hole of data – what to do when subscribers are in a rut

To quote the Lion King, it’s the circle of life. Or the lifecycle of customer engagement if you prefer email terminology. Every contact in your database is in a different stage of this lifecycle, whether a new subscriber who’s eager to learn more, or an older one that is very familiar and engaged with your brand.…

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2 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: List Segmentation

Your contacts may be interested in your products but that doesn’t mean that all their interests are identical. List segmentation allows you to divide your subscriber list into smaller, more targeted groups, which should lead to better results from your campaigns. How important is it really? Segmentation is often part of a strategy to increase revenue…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Agencies see more success with marketing automation but companies plan to follow

With the 2016 Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Census recently published, we want to help you digest it by sharing some of the most interesting stats. Last time we discussed the time spent on different email activities. For this week we’ve chosen automation, as it’s another important facet of email marketing, being cited as the top or second…

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3 weeks ago by Brendan Hobbs

Are you wasting your investment in marketing technology without training?

“My staff don’t need training; they know what they’re doing.” A real quote, from a real manager, ignoring some very real problems. “They’ve been using the system for a while, it’s quite straightforward I imagine, I hear no complaints.” Crikey, it’s getting worse! “I don’t need to ask them; they’d soon come to me if…

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Automation and sales

3 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: What is Graymail?

Otherwise known as ‘ham’, Graymail isn’t spam. It’s email that someone has opted-in to receive but doesn’t really want. Why would someone opt in to this, if they don’t want it? The contact may have been to a conference or signed up for a competition; often they will be asked for their details so they can…

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4 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

What if email were to die? (part two)

Would marketers be able to fill the void if email marketing were to suddenly disappear? Last week we looked at how capable certain digital channels would be. This week, it’s time to evaluate some traditional marketing channels. Snail Mail You’re a new, small, business. You have no mailing list but a fresh new website. How do…

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4 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Deduplication or Dedupe

Deduplication eliminates duplicate copies of data. This is used in email marketing when importing, or gathering, new data to ensure that people who are already on your contact list are not added again. Why do I need to dedupe? Though quite a simple action, deduplication helps prevent sending multiple campaigns to the same contact, which…

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