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4 days ago by Jennifer Watkiss

This Is How You Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

Email marketing is the number one channel for ROI, but building an email list of interested contacts can sometimes be tricky. Since social media offers the opportunity for genuine interaction with potential customers, why not use that to your advantage? Let’s explore the potential to grow your email list with two of the most popular social…

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5 days ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Term of the Week: What is an API?

You’ve probably heard this term a lot in the tech industry. But if you’re not sure exactly what an API is, this week’s term of the week is for you. API is short for Application Programming Interface, and it’s the way different software applications communicate with each other, despite being coded differently. Because this happens…

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6 days ago by Dan Bond

More than the Sum of Its Parts: Integrating Email, Social and SMS

Email, SMS or social? The answer is all three. A recent McKinsey study compared the effectiveness of email and social marketing and concluded that email was 40 times better at acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. Bear in mind the increased time and effort involved in social media marketing and you might be forgiven for…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Supporting customers to deliver success

This week, the Institute of Customer Service celebrates Customer Service Week. All businesses strive to do very well, but dealing with customer queries is not always easy. I grilled Matt Cutbush, the head of our own Support team, on the topic. A: What is one thing that you think people don’t realise about our Support…

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Matt Cutbush portrait

2 weeks ago by Adestra

The state of email marketing in four key industries – what have we learned?

We recently published the 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census – Key Sector Report which looks at results in four sectors: Retail Publishing & Media Technology & Telecoms Charities/Government & Non-Profit We decided to share what we learned about each sector and the areas they could improve in. One important area of consideration is balancing the…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Why you can count on email for great customer service

As ICS celebrates Customer Service Week, we’re discussing how email can help you provide a great customer service, and experience in today’s customer-led economy. Let’s start with a story. It was the end of 2013, I had scheduled an appointment with my bank but for some reason, I needed to cancel it. I didn’t have time…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

7 Email Marketing Tips Travel Companies Can Implement Today

Having just returned from holiday made me think about the way travel companies, be it agencies or airlines, don’t take full advantage of the power of email. So, here are some email marketing tips travel companies can use to enhance revenues using the data they have at hand about their subscribers. Travel companies’ major advantage…

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Email marketing tips travel

3 weeks ago by Steve Denner

Big Data, Big Danger?

It’s all businesses appear to be talking about at the moment — big data — but there are very real ‘big data dangers’ that can cause damage to brands and their bottom lines. And deservedly so in some cases… Big Data. Marketing Automation. They’re both buzzwords that have been carved into marketing’s psyche over the past few…

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3 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

Term of the week: Inline CSS for email

This week we dip our feet in email design territory, exploring what CSS and inline CSS are.   CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it’s a styling language used in web and email design. You can use it to set attributes like font size, colour, alignment, etc.  which are then applied to your HTML.…

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3 weeks ago by Jennifer Watkiss

Why Reports of the Death of Facebook Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

People have been saying that the death of Facebook is coming. They’re wrong. Keep on reading to find out why Facebook matters to marketers now more than ever. People are claiming that the death of Facebook is nigh. Facebook is struggling to attract younger users. Yet the enduring scale of its influence — and the extent to which it is…

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