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2 days ago by Peter Rylands

How to get your email marketing ready for 2016 [New Litmus report]

Litmus recently published their “2016 State of Email Report” and we thought we’d summarise the best bits from it. The report looks into what happened in 2015: the movers, shakers and innovators; which should give email marketers some insight as they prepare for the year ahead. And it will be a busy one as, alongside…

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2015 litmus state of email

3 days ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the week: what is an email client?

An email client is what you use everyday to send and receive emails. Is it that simple? Yes, essentially. Email clients enable you to access your inbox across a multitude of devices; Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail all have apps that allow you to host your inbox on your phone but their basic functionality is still…

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4 days ago by Steve Denner

What will change in email marketing in 2016?

What’s in store for email marketing in 2016? Big changes are afoot, thanks to new data rules, new technology and new design approaches. We’ve given our crystal ball a polish and taken a look at exactly what you can expect from the coming months. Read on to discover the new rules of email – here’s…

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1 week ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the week: Pre-header text

Pre-header text is a short summary that sits below the subject line, which can be used to inform a recipient what the email is about. How does it work? Pre-header text isn’t something you can apply, like a subject line. Instead, email clients actually take the first few words of your email and uses this…

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pre-header text

2 weeks ago by Katie Evans

Are you missing a trick with your welcome program?

Recently I subscribed to one of my favourite clothing brand’s mailing list. I have been a loyal customer for a while and was enticed by the promise of exciting offers by signing up to receive their emails. So I typed in my email address and pressed submit. With anticipation of a discount code or a…

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Timex Welcome Email

2 weeks ago by Ryan Phelan

A look at email marketing customer service

Customer service should be a core component of any business, but it has been on the decline in the email marketing industry. A lot that can be attributed to trying to do more with less in terms of both time and money resources, but also looking to monetize customer interactions. Not taking a wider perspective…

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2 weeks ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Whitelist

Last week we looked at blacklisting so now it’s time to explain whitelists. As you’d expect, the two are opposites. A whitelist, otherwise known as the Safe Sender list, catalogues email addresses that are approved and accepted. This ensures their delivery to the recipient’s inbox. How can you be whitelisted? Whitelisting can be done by…

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