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1 week ago by Anca Nicolaescu

What happens when subscribers mark your emails as spam?

Spam complaints affect your deliverability and, eventually, your sender reputation. Not all is lost though! Learn what feedback loops are and how they can help. While it’s important to track positive metrics like opens, clicks and shares, email marketers must pay attention to negative ones too. Monitoring unsubscribes and spam complaints maximizes your chances of…

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Feedback Loop image

1 week ago by Jennifer Watkiss

Engage new customers with a welcome email series

You will hopefully acquire a lot of new customers and subscribers this time of the year, but how do you keep them once the holidays are gone? When do you start talking to new email subscribers? And what do the best email welcome series include? Read on to find out. For the best results, you…

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2 weeks ago by Jennifer Watkiss

How to Write a Newsletter in 60 Minutes

There are only so many hours in a marketer’s day, so discover how to produce a content rich newsletter in just 60 minutes. You already have 1,000… +1… … things to do during a typical week. … reviewing social media metrics, analyzing Google Analytics, meeting with clients, setting up trigger emails, developing keyword lists, monitoring competitors,…

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