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1 week ago by Jennifer Watkiss

10 stats that show you need to be mobile-friendly this holiday season

 Having a mobile-friendly email template and website is an often-quoted best practice but have you ever wondered what the proof is to support it?   We know that marketers are busy planning their campaigns for the holiday season, and they need evidence as to why they should adopt a particular strategy. We collected 10 reasons…

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2 weeks ago by Paul Dyke

Responsive vs single-column email design

Designing for mobile is a hot topic in web and email design right now. It has created confusion, excitement and plenty of debate. I recently discussed the difference between fixed, fluid, adaptive and responsive design. With this in mind, I’m going to look at two of the main ways of designing mobile-friendly emails: responsive vs…

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2 weeks ago by Dan Bond

How to reach your email subscribers through social media retargeting

You spend your efforts and resources attracting new customers, and now, due to the connectivity of the world we live in, you can follow them as they navigate through different channels. In its simplest definition, retargeting means addressing the same customer in a different way. And it’s big news for online marketers. Previously, retargeting was…

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Mobile social image

3 weeks ago by Jennifer Watkiss

SMS vs DM vs Email: which gives the best ROI? Fight!

Email, social media, and web marketing all compete to deliver marketing ROI — and when you add SMS and DM the fight gets even more interesting. Find out which one is worth your time and money.  Our eGuide on Email vs Social Media vs Website Marketing got top marks from marketers looking to boost their marketing ROI, but…

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3 weeks ago by Paul Dyke

Untangling the knots: Fixed, fluid, adaptive and responsive design

One of the hottest topics in marketing at the moment is catering to the mobile audience. Every reputable company wants their emails designed to look beautiful no matter the screen size. But sometimes, buzzwords get the best of us and all that’s left is confusion. So what exactly is the difference between fixed, fluid, adaptive…

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3 weeks ago by Dan Bond

Our magic 8-ball predicts marketing trends of the future…

Uncover whether the latest buzzwords and marketing trends are here to stay — or destined to disappear without a trace.   New buzzwords are being created by marketers all the time to reflect emerging marketing trends. But which buzzwords are worth investing in? And which should be allowed to fade into obscurity? Here’s our Magic 8-Ball to sort…

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