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18 hours ago by Jennifer Watkiss

Email marketing automation in 2015: where do marketers stand?

Whether you’re new to email marketing automation, or you’re still struggling to make it work, rest assured that you’re not the only one. According to the 2015 Email Industry Census, 24% of companies are uncertain where to focus their marketing automation efforts. A good starting point is simply to look at what your peers are…

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1 week ago by Adestra

Adestra out and about: bringing you email marketing integrations, retail success stories and more

Looking to improve your email marketing ROI? The latest Email Industry Census has shown that only 25% of marketers rate their email ROI as excellent. We’re on a mission to change that, by sharing our knowledge with you. While you’re at these events, don’t miss our expert-led sessions: Enriching email communications to turn ecommerce into me-commerce…

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2 weeks ago by Suzy Race

4 types of data to help you get the most out of advanced segmentation

According to the most recent Email Industry Census, 25% of email marketers rate their return on investment in this channel as ‘excellent’. But what happens to the other 75%? One factor that could be affecting their results is that they’re not sending the right message to the right customer. To do that, you need to…

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2 weeks ago by Anca Nicolaescu

An email customer journey from the Apple Watch to the desktop

Modern marketers know the importance of optimizing emails for mobile devices, and the results that come with that. Dobbies tried it, for example, and they had an increase of 400% in their click-through rates. With the Apple Watch having started to ship on the 24th of April, we thought we’d follow an email customer journey…

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3 weeks ago by Roisin Alvy

Are you missing out on data and engagement strengthening practices?

You probably know that the bigger your audience, the more chances you have to convert subscribers into customers. But how do you get those subscribers in the first place? How do you gather usable, engaged, opted-in data from people interested in your brand? Let me tell you a story that will show you the role…

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1 month ago by Skip O'Neill

Stop dreaming and start being strategic about your email marketing

As email marketers, we all dream of easy, elegant, effortless email campaigns. But we need to look in the mirror and go beyond the “dream” and make sure we’re taking care of the fundamentals of email marketing.  We often hear about the outlier company that has a ton of resources to invest in the “dream”…

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