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  • Katie is an Account Manager here at Adestra, always on hand to help our clients achieve stellar results, and develop their email strategy. She loves to share fun facts about all things email. Follow her on Twitter @KatieAtAdestra.

1 week ago by Katie Evans

Email’s role in building public trust for charities

There are no two-ways about it: people are more tech-savvy than ever and more sensitive about data privacy. With many prominent companies being hacked in the past few years, it’s not surprising that legislation is tightening around data handling, and consumers are more careful with what data they share and with whom. One of the…

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Charity hands up

3 weeks ago by Katie Evans

3 ways in which email can nurture charity supporters

Did you know that British consumers would donate an additional £655 million each year if they saw exactly how their money is spent? (NPC). It seems like something so simple, yet so many charities fail to promote where the funds they raise actually go. It could be as simple as a diagram showing the breakdown…

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charity cover

12 months ago by Katie Evans

Go for Gold: What email marketers can learn from world-class athletes

With the most popular events of the summer quickly approaching, here are a few things that we as marketers can learn from the athletes taking part. Endurance Athletes They understand that a steady tactical approach to a race is the key to success. Setting off quickly during a marathon will lead to a burn out during…

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1 year ago by Katie Evans

Learn from retailers and make the most of abandoned basket re-targeting

The average cart abandonment rate stands at 66.8%. With this in mind, abandoned basket retargeting is a great strategy for encouraging buyers to return to their baskets and complete the purchase. This strategy has become widely used by retailers, proving very effective. However, capturing potentially lost sales needn’t be exclusive to retailers. Marketers from a broad spectrum of…

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1 year ago by Katie Evans

How lifecycle email programs can keep your customers coming back for more

Welcome programs and offer-led emails are fantastic for encouraging your contacts to make a purchase. However, it’s the relationship that you build with the customer post purchase which can often be a huge influencing factor as to whether they will become a repeat customer. This is where automated lifecycle email programs can come in. Here…

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Automation and sales

1 year ago by Katie Evans

How to use reviews and surveys in your email marketing strategy

I recently purchased some new bedding from Debenhams and I received an email which firstly complimented me on my great taste, and then asked me to review my purchase. The email also asked me to complete a short survey to help them improve their customer service. This type of email makes your customers feel valued because…

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1 year ago by Katie Evans

Are you missing a trick with your welcome program?

Recently I subscribed to one of my favourite clothing brand’s mailing list. I have been a loyal customer for a while and was enticed by the promise of exciting offers by signing up to receive their emails. So I typed in my email address and pressed submit. With anticipation of a discount code or a…

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Timex Welcome Email
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