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1 year ago by Jordie van Rijn

Debunking the Myths of switching ESPs

I have helped dozens of companies find their new Email service soulmate over the years. For me, it has become an enjoyable process. But I have never met someone else that wakes up in the morning and thinks: “Today is a great day to find a new Email Vendor (ESP)!”. There are enough good reasons…

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2 years ago by Jordie van Rijn

Thinking about switching email providers? This is what you need to consider

For today’s post, Adestra welcomes email marketing consultant Jordie van Rijn of  We asked Jordie to share on moving ESPs, and based on his years of experience, what he believes to be some points you need to consider.   Your email service provider plays a big role in achieving success, because you need the right tools for…

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