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  • Annabel is an Account Executive at Adestra, who thrives on building strong relationships with clients and helping them achieve their email marketing goals. She loves to share the latest tips and tricks on the industry to ensure her clients are getting the most they can out of Adestra.

4 months ago by Annabel Reeve

How to continue engagement in between events using email

Promoting an event is one of the most challenging and time-pressured campaigns a marketer can be involved in. It’s crucial to target your audience and correctly stagger your emails leading up to the event, while carefully crafting and planning the relevant information and juicy content, to engage the reader and ensure you fill the room. So,…

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1 year ago by Annabel Reeve

Voucher emails for Hospitality: being the real deal in your customers’ inboxes

We all get them. Voucher emails flood my inbox on a daily basis, competing against each other with tantalising subject lines and carefully-selected percentage savings designed to be as eye-catching as possible.  We all LOVE to dine out: it’s sociable, enjoyable, relaxing, but can also become very expensive! Restaurant brands know that and those that…

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2 years ago by Annabel Reeve

Back to basics: email list growth tips for publishing and media marketers

Most email marketers struggle to keep up a steady stream of email content to engage their customers and keep them reading. Publishers and media marketers don’t have this problem as content is their currency. But you have your own obstacles to overcome: List growth Dynamic content/personalisation List maintenance Analytics Segmentation Content automation As we go…

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