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  • Antony is a member of the IDM and a Key Account Manager at Adestra. He has over 15 years experience of working in direct marketing and is very passionate about how data affects the success of marketing. He is Adestra's expert for all things GDPR - follow him on Twitter @Antony_Adestra.

6 months ago by Antony Humphreys

Only 16% of marketers have adjusted to GDPR compliance to date

Our recent study with Econsultancy, the 2017 Email Industry Census, has highlighted data as the main challenge preventing the use of more personalisation. That’s not really surprising as an earlier study with the IDM showed that the majority of marketers only collect names, addresses, and phone numbers. But while collecting more and better data has been…

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1 year ago by Antony Humphreys

Will GDPR affect marketers’ ability to personalise communication?

With a 29 percent growth in marketers focusing on personalisation in 2016, it’s clear that marketers are starting to see the benefits of using this strategy. However, with ever-tightening data regulations in Europe and abroad, it’s important to make sure that you collect and use data in a compliant manner. Here are some key points…

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2 years ago by Antony Humphreys

Millennials prefer email as a marketing channel, so what should you include?

The marketing industry media has exploded with articles about Millennials, but with so much out there how can you know what is actually accurate information? And furthermore, how can you use that when you create email campaigns targeted at them? We’ve analysed the information out there and pulled these useful snippets for you: Who are…

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